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Beware: Con ARTIST in NYC

Beware: Con ARTIST in NYC
Chalk this one up as a lesson learned, folks.  Over the weekend I strolled Times Square and happened upon a caricature artist. His stand was decorated with STUNNING depictions of celebrities and everyday folks and for a mere $5, he offered to sketch me as well. “$5, and you pay now,” he said politely, and... Read more »

DIY Classroom Valentine's Day Kits

DIY Classroom Valentine's Day Kits
By Nicole Harding DIY Valentine’s Day Kits: 4 Easy Steps  Ahhh, it’s time for your little sugar to trade Valentine’s Day gifts at school, and you don’t want cards that pop out of the box and tear on the fold, you want something fun—something with some POP! Now would be a good time to mention... Read more »

Photos: Tyler Perry, Rick Ross, Russell Simmons at Art for Life

Rick Ross
Russell Simmons’ Philanthropic event, Art for Life, is designed to fund art programs for children who suffer emotional or physical hardships.  The fundraiser took place in the Hamptons, New York, and attracted several celebrity patrons of the arts and performances by Doug E. Fresh, Estelle, Rick Ross, and Maxwell. The event was a part of... Read more »

Photos: 5 Most Beautiful Girlfriends, Ever.

Hina. Artwork by artist Jeff Lyons. the girlfriends series. Artwork portrait oil paintings of women. Fun, funky, feminine art pop portrait art oil paintings of beautiful women.
National Orgasm Week is coming (July 31st-August 6th) and in celebration we’d like to introduce you to the faces behind the Orgasm campaign: Artist Jeff Lyons’ Girlfriends. Notes Jeff: “I’m a self-taught oil painter. I enjoyed cartooning as a child. I began painting in 1987. My first artwork shows and sales were in 1996. I... Read more »

Inside the Urban Nature Art Gallery

All Photos by James Sangser.