Six Brown Chicks Related to 6 Brown Brothers!

Six Brown Chicks Related to 6 Brown Brothers!
The Six Brown Chicks are related to the Six Brown Brothers.

After a lengthy DNA profile from, it has been discovered that members of Six Brown Chicks are direct descendents of the Six Brown Brothers.


The Six Brown Brothers were a Canadian vaudeville era saxophone sextet consisting of six brothers. The brothers were, William, Tom (1881–1950), Alec, Percy, Fred and Vern Brown. The Brown Brothers lived in Lindsay, Ontario until 1893.  Six Brown Chicks founder, Zondra Hughes, who is not related to the Brown Brothers, said that she suspected that Chicks A Comeaux, Dr. Dawj, and Yanni Brown were indeed descendents.  "Gina B. and I ordered the DNA tests because we knew something was different about the others," Hughes says.

"Yanni's last name is Brown and she is a dead-ringer for Vern Brown. A Comeaux is Canadian all day long; you can see it in her soulless eyes," Zondra explains. "And Dr. Dawj locked me in her car one day to listen to the Pet Shop Boys, but she had never heard of rap's biggest acts. She is definitely a classy Canadian white lady passing herself off as a sista."

Gina B. added, "Yes, what Zondra said."

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