Is Your Relationship Starving?

Is Your Relationship Starving?

By Yanni Brown

Is it possible that your relationship is romantically deficient?

Has your relationship become routine and boring? Have you gotten to the point that you create a schedule for lovemaking, tentatively penciling one another on the “To Do List”?

What happened to the two people who couldn’t keep their hands off of each other? There was a time when you couldn’t get enough of each other. When and how did you get to this point? Whew, where did the time go?  I’ll tell you where time went! It got lost in getting comfortable in our relationships with our lovers, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the kids, the jobs, the mortgage, the laundry and the list goes on and on. The romance and intimacy have been replaced by quick pecks in between good morning and good night. Some have even settled for cuddling on the couch while watching a movie as if that’s enough.

I’ve recently spoken with several couples and they all agree that “It's NOT ENOUGH!”

Let’s go down memory lane for just a moment, you know back when you two first met. Remember when you experienced the many exciting nights and adventurous mornings? Remember how happy and full of energy and life you felt? Have you lost that loving feeling! Don't you miss that feeling a just little?

Bring back the adventure, excitement and spontaneity. Not only will it renew and revive your love, it will spill into other areas of your life as well. I’m talking fun inside and outside of the bedroom!

Open your heart and mind to the possibilities that you’ve still got it, and you want to give it to your mate. Make it fun by remembering the things that you used to do when you courted one another. I call this going back to the basics. Handwritten notes are always a nice touch. If your bedroom has become the drop off spot for clutter, clean it up! Your bedroom should be the room that says ooh-la-la. I’m talking scented candles, space, bedding that says take me there but, yet comfortable enough to count sheep. It should be a place where you are always making love better twogether.

  • Get reacquainted with one another intimately by simply asking what do you like? How do you like it? A great date is to go lingerie shopping with your mate. Let him pick out a few things and you do the same.
  • Groupon a weekend get-a-way that includes a couple’s massage in your room. Add a few of your own amenities such as a feather, honey dust and a blindfold and enjoy the tease.
  • Send an invitation to your mate at work simply giving the date, time and location… Upon their arrival make it an evening of tease, tempt and taste.
  • Try reading erotic romance novels or if you are up for the challenge write your own erotic poetic piece.
  • Laughter is always good for the soul. A smile releases happy feelings. Yes by all means add fun and adventurous activities to your dates and laugh the night away.

When people who’ve been together for a long time say that the romance is gone, what they're really saying is that they've exhausted the possibilities. ~Darius Lovehall- Love Jones

Be open to the possibilities of Romance and dare your mate to take a chance. Yeah, it requires a lil work but just think about the benefits!

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve either done for someone or had done for you?  

Yanni Brown, a ChiCity born, Author, Blogger and Relationship Educator and if you asked "What's Love Got to Do With It" I'd answer without hesitation "Absolutely Everything."

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