He Says She Says: Top 10 Love & Sex Questions

He Says She Says: Top 10 Love & Sex Questions
He Says, She Says 2014

It's time to do it again!  The Six Brown Chicks and six sexy, successful bachelors will explore the male and female perspective about intimacy and lasting relationships TOMORROW (March 29th) at 5:00 p.m. at the 20th Anniversary of the Black Women's Expo.

We've asked you to submit your questions to the panel and here are a few of them. (If you'd like to submit relationship questions, send to SixBrownChicks@SixBrownChicks.com.)

The relationship panel, He Says, She Says: Part III, takes place at the McCormick Place, 2233 South Martin Luther King Drive,  in the North Building, Hall C1 312-567-1234.

The event starts at 5:00 p.m. and ends at 6:30 p.m. Panelists: Zondra Hughes, Yanni Brown, A Comeaux, Dr. Dawj Sangster, Gina B., DJ Lee Farmer,  Maze Jackson, Curtis R. Monday, Christopher Nolen, Carl West and Kevin E. Ross. Moderator: Lady Alicia

Join the conversation!

Submitted Relationship Questions

1. Are men destined to cheat?

2. How important is sex for you in a relationship and marriage?

3. Can you marry someone that makes less money than you?

4. What exactly makes a woman good in bed?

5. Date nights for married couples: totally cheesy or are they actually a good idea?

6. My boyfriend has slept with tons of girls. How do I get over it?

7. What outfit do guys find hottest?

8. Does expensive lingerie really turn guys on, or is it just a big waste of money?

9. Do men get caught up emotionally with a woman after they have “just sex” with them? Meaning they are not in a relationship but just in a friends with benefits situation.

10. Can men still have a good friendship with their exes, or will sex always be a part of the deal?

By the way, feel free to answer any of the questions that you see here!

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