Fantasy: The 7-Day One Night Stand

Fantasy: The 7-Day One Night Stand
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By A Comeaux

With me, there’s never a dull moment.

A simple wink from across the room can manifest into a walk along the lake into the wee hours of the morning. All with no mention of my first name. Just chemistry, poetry and a desire to connect with a kindred spirit.

My oh my how obedient the universe is. As you all may have noticed by now, most of my encounters, bloopers and love-like connections happen by chance online. Or a poetry spot off in the cut of a hole in the wall joint with great drinks, flirty girls and intelligent hippies. Really guys, I can’t make this stuff up!

Being the harmless specimen that I am, I’m casually scrolling sites checking out the day’s conversations, meals, rants and memes when I noticed a pair of eyes that pierced my soul like my chest dermal I ever adore. We’d never met. Share little to no mutual acquaintances or interests but I was intrigued beyond my vocabulary’s comprehension.

I paused and thought for a moment, ‘how can we be in the same room? How would I approach this blessed being by the unicorn gods? And when I open my mouth will it be to a kiss of my droughts pleasure or will I choke at hello?’ I froze and logged off.

Until I got a notification my desires best kept secret is now “following” me! Heart to the floor with my bottom lip! Composure gained and the cool must set in before this goes way wrong really fast. I have the power. I didn’t make the (thirsty) first move I’d highly considered. The ball is in my court and there’s no option of a brick. I must dunk this. Hard and fast.

Welp. After a few coy exchanges of flirts and winks, we were on the phone and faster than I can blink I was inhaling a passion I’d only imagined. Only better. It was real. I was here. I touched the picture I’d fantasized on in hot baths over smooth tunes. Sing to me. And when we kissed I hummed. Melted, but hummed throughout my yearning body. I took in every inch I could swallow and tasted as much regret as I did delight.

It was one night, maybe twice, in 7 days that ran together like lost luggage and a late flight.  

It was déjà vu. Each time. The same time. And it plays over and over now like it never happened…

I’m A Comeaux and this fantasy is approved. 

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