Lost and Teched Out...

Lost and Teched Out...

I’ve noticed a lot of people, including myself from time to time, have become lost and teched out! We are so busy with technology that we’ve become absent in the present. Don’t get me wrong, it is extremely convenient having my phone always at my fingertips with news updates, social media updates and a quick search here and there.  It makes me wonder how I ever survived before.  The thing about having this amazing technology at our fingertips is that if we are not careful we will miss some critical moments of people, places and things growing right before our very eyes. An example… During dinner how many times do you check your phone? Be it for messages, updates or whatever? How will this affect dating and relationships? Based on what I’ve read, conversations had, behaviors experienced and even behaviors of my own, here are some "Do’s and Don’ts" that may help with relationships now and in the future.



  • Put your phone away on dates and BE present in the moment! No one wants to be in competition with your phone.
  • Do pick up the phone and check on your mate, let them physically hear your voice.
  • Do create and plan physical dates with your mate. Keep the chase factor going by DOING things that are both fun and interesting to both you and your mate.  Date night should be a regular occurrence. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it is important to the growth of the relationship.
  • Do write a note or letter from time to time expressing your feelings or emotions even if they are the lyrics to a song. Corny I know, but your mate will appreciate it I promise. Spray it with your favorite scent and put it in a place that your mate will find it later or drop it in the mail. (When was the last time that you received a hand written note or letter?)
  • Chivalry is only dead to those that believe that it is… DO open the door, pull out her chair and make her feel important. Ladies, Do appreciate the time spent and thank your mate for a nice evening!



  • Don't spend your evening constantly checking, and being  on your phone.
  • Don’t only use text messaging as a means of communication with your mate. SO much is left to interpretation in a text.
  • Don’t take the other person for granted believing that you have them so nothing extra is needed to keep them!

Relationships are generally not complicated but as humans we surely can make them complicated. Appreciate what you have by simply being present in it. Create moments of opportunity for great conversation and open communication. Always remember that spontaneity and spice is always nice and give one another what the other person needs and some of what they want. These are just some of the makings of Making Love Better TwoGether.


Yanni Brown, a ChiCity born, Author, Blogger and Relationship Educator and if you asked "What's Love Got to Do With It" I'd answer without hesitation "Absolutely Everything."

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