The Fight of My Life...

The Fight of My Life...

By Yanni Brown

I believe that we are all connected. Some of us have to disconnect in order to re-connect while others simply need to open their inputs (hearts) in order to receive the connection. We were not meant to live alone, exist alone or succeed alone. We need each other to survive.


This brings me to a great conversation that I had some time ago with my pastor Clarence Stowers & Music Ministry Leader Travis Edwards. You see I myself have been disconnected in the sense that when I go through something I retreat and seclude myself while attempting to get a grip on whatever has a hold on me at the time. Well my remarkable pastor noticed that I had been M.I.A. and during a meeting about something else he asked...” What's going on with you?” (Blank Stare) I don't know how he’s able to read people like that but all I can say is that a shepherd knows! Anyway, a thought provoking conversation ensued between Travis, Pastor Stowers and I. What I remembered from that conversation is what my blog is about today.

“Fighting for what you want, believe in and or are passionate about!”


Did you know that walking in your purpose, passion, destiny or dream job does NOT always come easy?  I’m talking haters, sabotage, crabs in the barrel, self doubt, uncertainty, straight up hard times, friendships will come and go, and or insert your own issue here __________________. I know because I’m in the thick of it. Now success may have come easy for you, and if that’s the case this blog may not resonate with you. However if you are like myself and feel like you are in the fight of your life to make your dreams come true just press the like button and wave your hand if you feel me.


Here are six things that I took away from that conversation that night.


  1. PRAY about EVERYTHING! Start your day in prayer you’d be surprised at how much better things will go. If needed stop, drop and pray. You can never have enough of it.  Negativity, stress, haters, uncertainty, doubts are waiting for their opportunity to get in and chip away at your energy.
  2. PLAN- Create your plan. Everyday a “To Do” list is needed to get you one step closer to your dreams.  Nikki Woods confirmed this with her tweet by saying "I don't have a back-up plan ... that means I am 100% committed to making my dreams come true"
  3. PURSUE- Pursue your passion on purpose, wake up every day and do your best! If you’ve done your best lie down and take a nap and let God handle the rest. (Clarence Stowers)
  4. STAY- Stay in God’s presence! No matter what you are going through STAY Connected to the source! He’s there with you. I believe that he prepares us for the bigger journey on the journey. The expedition that we probably wouldn’t go on if we knew all that we’d have to go through to get to.
  5.  Faith & Favor- is just that! Hold on to Faith even if it’s one step at a time. I know personally that sometimes that gets hard because we want to see, know, and hear something that confirms we are on the right path. Have Faith, he’ll send you bread crumbs of confirmations along the way through people, places and things. Favor is his way of letting you know that He’s got you. It’s also his way of letting you know that he’s able and that your dreams are possible.
  6. Praise in the Process- If you’ve ever sat and spoken to a person that is living life on purpose, following their destiny, pursuing their passion they will all undoubtedly tell you that it was a process. Anything worth having is worth fighting for and you’d better get ready for the fight of your life because IT’S coming for you! When you have not , find yourself running low, hanging on by a thread, wishing, wanting and or waiting to quit, PRAISE HIM! Praise him for what he’s already done, spared you from and what’s to come!  My sister chick Kayann Acomeaux said it best “I’ve never been so close to success and failure at the same time” but I’m in the fight of my life… The fight to make my dreams come true! So honored to have a Pastor who shares with us what to do! I’m in the fight of my life, fighting my way through…


The life of an entrepreneur gets difficult! The struggle, uncertainty, lack of support etc. I'm DARING Myself and you to KEEP PUSHING! What are you fighting for or through?    


Yanni Brown, a ChiCity born, Certified Relationship Educator and if you asked "What's Love Got to Do With It" I'd answer without hesitation "Absolutely Everything."

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