Got a Minute? Transfer Your Skills for Your Dream Job

Got a Minute? Transfer Your Skills for Your Dream Job
Angela Barbee-Hatter, Director, Global Design Business Operations

 By Yanni Brown

A few days ago, the Six Brown Chicks took a road trip to General Motors World (GM) in Detroit, the "Motor City." While there, we sat with some awesome women who are blazing the trails in life, love, careers and in their unique pursuits of happiness. We are compelled to share the nuggets of wisdom that we’ve received from these Chicks of GM that are defining what it means to have it all.

Your dream job is out there, it's your duty to prepare for it.

Oftentimes, we may assume that the road to success is a straight path, but what happens when that path is peppered with left turns?

You must adapt and learn everything that you can, says Angela Barbee-Hatter, Director, Global Design Business Operations for General Motors.

Video: Meet Angela Barbee-Hatter Director, Global Design Business Operations for General Motors

AngelaBarbee by Zondra Hughes

Angela shared her journey to GM and it was inspiring to me because she and my daughter share a passion for engineering, and they both fell in love with engineering in middle school.

Angela spoke candidly about the importance of transferring your skill by applying yourself. She started out as a Librarian’s Assistant. She didn’t stay in that position long because she believed in using everything as a learning experience in order to get to the next place that she was meant to be.

Angela transferred what she learned as a Librarian’s Assistant to research an internship which lead to her re-chartering her local National Society of Black Engineers chapter. When Angela was asked about how to find mentors she simply said “ASK,” and you would be surprised at whom you can connect with, benefit from, or have someone benefit from you by asking for what you need. If someone says no, keep asking because it will be the right person that says yes!

Angela Barbee-Hatter: Transfer Your Skills by Zondra Hughes

Last but most certainly not least, Angela’s parting wisdom was to use everything in life as a learning experience.

Of course she said, nothing comes easy and yes college was a financial challenge, but she used everything in life, every opportunity given and some that were for the taking and transferred one experience into another.

Angela left us with one final thought: Use EVERYTHING as a learning experience because you will never know how you can apply it to your life or the lives of those that you will impact!

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