Don’t Get Mad… Get Inspired!

Be Inspired

My name is Yanni Brown and I’m a relationship educator, blogger and speaker. I love what I do! I inspire others by sharing my story and highly suggest that others try it! The most liberating thing I’ve experienced to date is being able to authentically share my stories, the good, bad and ugly. For years I felt that it wasn’t necessary to boast about whom I am or what I do and twenty plus years later I still don’t. I AM speaks for itself. I used to think that when IT happened for others that I was being punished, wasn’t working hard enough and would find myself getting angry at the success of others and what they’ve accomplished. Thankfully I have a great group of friends who quickly snapped me back into reality! “I AM” exactly who I think that I am! If you don’t think that you are enough neither will anyone else!

It’s amazing what life, situations and circumstances will DO to you if you are not careful or have an awesome group of inspiration around you. Back to my friends, they reminded me that “I AM” not a conceited statement but a true statement. I’ve worked extremely hard to get right here! Now that I’m faced with a little adversity and things that are totally not going my way I’m mad! Damn right… I’m angry that what seems to come easy to others is taking forever for me to accomplish. Reality check… I don’t know their journey, or their story of how they got what they got. I don’t know what sacrifices were made for them all I know is this awesome soon to be another testimony journey I’m on.

So rather than get mad, I’m doing whatever it takes to GET INSPIRED!  This may not work for everyone and I’m cool with that! I’m taking a personal stance with my blog today and doing what I need to do for my girls “ME, MYSELF and I” You are more than welcome to take what you need from it.

Spend a moment with me! Each morning spend time in prayer/meditation before I begin my day, starting my day with a clear mind and spirit.

Have an attitude of gratitude by sharing with myself something that I’m grateful for each day. Starting with something as simple as life! Someone didn’t wake up this morning.

What Do I Want? Ask myself daily, what do I want for me, from me and to give to me! So often we forget about us and what we need because we are so busy taking care of others.

Get Inspired! Inspiration is ALL around us. It’s in people, places and things. No matter what we have to find the inspiration in those people, places or things otherwise create it. Inspiration will go a long way when SHIFT happens, and we all know shift will happen.

The Circle! Who’s in your circle? As I mentioned before I have an amazing circle of friends. Those who keep me rooted and grounded. They uplift, encourage and inspire. They are over protective when needed and will be that shoulder to cry on too. I love that fact that I can be at my best and at my worst with my friends. They allow me to have my moment but trust me; they won’t let me stay there!

So while in my mind I have every right to be mad I’ve realized first-hand how counter-productive that is. I have too much to be thankful for, grateful for and it’s much more productive to GET INSPIRED instead!

Who or what has inspired you?

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