By Yanni Brown

The brisk weather is upon us. The leaves are changing to the autumn colors of burnt orange, browns and beautiful greens. It’s snuggle, cuddle wishing I could stay in bed weather.  Pull out the sweaters, hoodies and boots the season is changing. While we enjoy the changing of the season I just want to take a moment and encourage everyone, to let you know that yes the season must change and it is part of the cycle of life. BUT Smile anyway!

Here are few tips to get you through change as well as brighten someone else’s too.

  • Smile, you never know what it’s doing for others and you look so much better when you smile.
  • Give good hugs! The warmth of an authentic hug does something to your insides. It produces amazing energy and you never know who may need that hug that only you can give.
  • Pick up the phone or schedule some face to face time with those that you care about. Don’t take their social media statuses for granted and assume that they are ok. BE the difference and make the call or stop by and let them feel your vibes and more important feel theirs.
  • Make it about someone else! We are not meant to live alone and it is not always about you and your season. Share a part of you that makes someone else FEEL!
  • Snuggle, snuggle, snuggle… This is awesome weather to steal some cover and share some skin. The research has been done. Cuddling is making love better together and it is highly recommended for this time of year. Save some money on your heating bill this winter and cuddle.
  • Give yourself permission to go through this season without feeling guilty. Sometimes you have to go through IT in order to get to your IT and or over your IT.
  • Enjoy the company of friendships, grab something warm and just enjoy life! Because life is short you know…
  • Try something new or as Eleanor Roosevelt says “Do one thing every day that scares you!”
  • Last but certainly not least, gather a pile of leaves and play in them. Life is much better when we let go of who and what everyone else thinks that we should be and just be!

Seasons will surely come and go but I encourage you to hold on to what’s near and dear to you so that you will have them for many seasons to come.  Above all else if you see someone struggling this season, try one of the tips above. You never know how much it may just make their day and help them get through this very season.

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