Are You A Leader?

Are You A Leader?
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By Yanni Brown

There will come a time in life where you will question almost everything about who you are, thought that you were or who you should be. It could just be me and the changes that I’ve been going through. However it has been in these moments that I am thankful for awesome friends, my sincere circle of sisterhood and my amazing mom.

I absolutely love having thought provoking conversations with my mom (Katie Brown). Whenever I’m in a funk, unsure, unsettled or uneasy about something I can always call her for an ear, a word of encouragement, a scripture or a good old fashioned in your face, shake me until I get it together session. Well this was an in your face, shake me, do you know who’s child you are kinda session.  Looking back it wasn’t the pretty mother daughter moment that you see on the Hallmark commercials but she made her point. It was at that moment my mom returned with the wisdom that I needed. The calm after the storm and then she simply asked “Are you a leader?” If you are going to be what you’ve been called to be and the woman that I know you are there are some key things that you will need in your pocket book for your journey.

 #1: You must have a vision. “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for just about anything” As a leader, you will have to have a vision for what you are building. Speak it, write it, draw it, paint it and or touch it. Create your vision in color! Make it plain so that all can see.

#2: You must have passion. People will move heaven and earth for you because they see and feel the passion is within you! Your passion inspires others. To build the extraordinary, people must be able to connect with your vision through your passion. Passion is infectious, especially when others can feel it on you, in you and with you.

#3: You must learn to be a great decision maker and team builder. Build a team of amazing mentors or board members to assist you with important decision making. A team consisting of those who support and believe in your vision, but respect you as well when it comes to telling you things that you don’t want to hear. This team will hold you accountable, but will also be responsible for carrying out duties effectively and efficiently as needed.

#4:  You must have character. Character begets character! What do you know about your team? What role will they play? If you are going to do what you’ve been called to do, then it is critical that you know who’s on your team and what role they will play.

My mother ended our conversation with a question. Are you a follower or are you a leader?

Confirmation comes when you least expect it but then so does inspiration. While scrolling through my twitter feed I found the following tweets about LEADERS by Kevin Bond.

LEADERS are LEARNERS. If you're not LEARNING I question your LEADING.

LEADERS are CHANGERS. If you're not CHANGING I question your LEADING.

LEADERS are INFLUENCERS. If you're not INFLUENCING people I question your LEADING.

LEADERS are HUMBLE. If you're not walking in HUMILITY I question your LEADING.

LEADERS are TEACHERS. If you're not TEACHING I question your LEADING.

LEADERS are NURTURERS. If you're not NURTURING I question your LEADING.


LEADERS are LOVING. If you're not LOVING I question your LEADING

LEADERS are SELFLESS. If you're not SELFLESS I question your LEADING

Check him out @ItsKevinBond #AServantsGuide

Sometimes you have to push your way through the crooked roads, one ways, construction zones, detours and wrong ways to see if you have what you need to take the lead.


Yanni Brown, a ChiCity born, Certified Relationship Educator and if you asked "What's Love Got to Do With It" I'd answer without hesitation "Absolutely Everything."

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