Battered and Berried...Best French Toast Ever!

Battered and Berried...Best French Toast Ever!

By Yanni Brown

There is power in the tongue and word of mouth. Word of mouth can either make or break you in business, especially when it comes to marketing and branding. I heard through the grapevine that there was a restaurant that was on the “MUST GO TO” list of places to visit called Batter & Berries, Home of the famous French Toast Super Flight. My immediate thought once I was told that the restaurant was north that parking would be an issue, but I was up for the challenge. So off a friend and I went! The Lake Shore Drive in was absolutely gorgeous. The sun was shining, the water was beautiful and the boats were out early. It was such a relaxed morning.  When we arrived to my surprise we parked two doors away from the restaurant.

We even saw a cute little baby walking by in a chef’s coat with his mom. I’ll get back to that thought later. Upon arrival we were greeted by Josie who wore the most amazing smile. We were seated immediately and I couldn’t help but ask Josie, “Is that house music that I hear?” she said yes that’s all we play. I was instantly in heaven. While looking over the menu, I danced non-stop in my chair, singing to the house tracks that I knew oh too well. I knew at that moment that I was “Battered & Berried” and I hadn’t even ordered my food.

Josie came over to check on us, run down the specials and we told her that we were newbie’s and asked what did she suggest? That particular day the special was “Peach Cobbler French Toast” and the “Lobster egg white omelet” This is my year for trying something new so I said sure why not! I ordered the Lobster egg white omelet but I wanted my yolk and my friend and I shared the “Peach Cobbler French toast”. For those of you that know me I am a lover of coffee and that too was on point. It was fresh, robust and had lots of flavor and my cup was never empty. The food arrived looking to good to eat but one bite in I was hooked! The lobster omelet had succulent pieces of lobster and inside was smoked Gouda cheese and cherry tomatoes, complimented with signature cheesy potatoes. The “Peach Cobbler French toast was ridiculous! I’m talking foodgasms with each bite.

The restaurant was crowded but everyone was having a great time. The manager Don Jones was on hand having great conversations with customers. While speaking with Don, he said “It’s about the experience had here. We want our customers to tell a friend about that experience and have them to join us for their own.”  The Chef Derek Rylon came out to chat with us a bit and it just so happened that on this particular day his son, (the cute little boy with the chef coat) was there and so was his wife. It was a “Making Love Better TwoGether” experience for me. When I spoke with Chef Derek Rylon about his restaurant he immediately said “I’m nothing without my customers.  It is the customers that keep me humble. It’s not about the money it’s about the experience had when our customers come here. You see vibrant, bold colors on the walls. The staff is friendly and interactive.”

I’m not a food critic but I am indeed a lover of good food. If you are looking for scrumptious, mouth watering, good food with a funky house beat simmering as you sit then Batter & Berries is where you want to be. This week’s French toast special is "Strawberry Cheesecake Rum". If you stop by be sure to tell them that Yanni Brown sent you.

Batter & Berries, Home of the famous French Toast Super Flight 2748 N. Lincoln Open daily 8am until 3pm.

Yanni Brown, ChiCity born, Certified Relationship Educator and if you asked "What's Love Got to Do With It" I'd answer without hesitation "Absolutely Everything."

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