Do You Have Your Pearls?

By: Yanni Brown

Pearls of Wisdom Never Goes Out of Style...

Over the years generations have passed down insightful information, thoughtful little nuggets of wisdom, and precious pearls of information on life's lessons learned.


It's 2013 and everything that we could possibly want is literally within reach with the touch of our fingertips. We are living in a time where we are turned up, twerking, tweeting and expressing ourselves via facebook, instagram, YouTube, pinterest and the network is growing every day. Has anyone thought about where will all of this information be when we decide to want careers, become married and have children? Is this really the pearls of wisdom that we want to leave on the information highway as part of our legacy?


What jewels are we passing on to the next generation? Words of wisdom that no matter what is happening in today's time will still ring true in years to come. Are we holding on to these pearls out of fear of sharing, lack of knowledge, or that that this generation is no longer in need of them because they know it all or have access to knowing it all?


I was enjoying an afternoon of shopping and conversation with Katie Brown (My mom) and this woman never disappoints. Over the years she has dropped nuggets and pearls of wisdom in my lap. Some I've gotten right away while others have taken years to understand. These pearls have not only been instrumental in my life but in the lives of those that I've had the honor of sharing with others. These pearls have stood the test of time years ago and I believe that they will hold their own even in years to come. I'm thankful that I have a mom who continuously pours in to me what she knows and believes.


"Sure you could wait for the storm to pass.... But sometimes you have to DANCE in the rain." In other words, you have to appreciate where you are, in the moments that you are in them in. It makes where you are going worth the trip.


"There will come a time in EVERYONE'S life where you will have to make a decision that is solely based on what's best for YOU!" You can't please everyone all of the time because it pleasing everyone else, you will get left out! You matter and sometimes you have to act like you do!


"Everything happens for a reason, season, lesson or a lifetime." We have to find something bigger than our brokenness. It is in the process of OUR breakdowns that we gather strength for the BREAKTHROUGHS. Often times WE complain about where we are in the NOW, WHAT WE DON'T HAVE, WHAT WE SHOULD HAVE, NOT realizing that we are THERE for a reason! CELEBRATE Your "RIGHT NOW" so that you can APPRECIATE the Journey of where you are going.


"Loving self and saving that little bit just for you keeps you balanced, when everything else around you is not" It is imperative that in all things, good, bad, ugly or indifferent that you love yourself in it and through it. YOU will need you when there is no one else but you!

These are just some of many that my mom has passed down to me,

what pearls have been passed down to you?


Yanni Brown, Chief Chick,  ChiCity born, Certified Relationship Educator and if you asked "What's Love Got to Do With It" I'd answer without hesitation "Absolutely Everything."

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