How Long is Too Long to Wait for True Love?

How Long is Too Long to Wait for True Love?

 By Shanti Ray

It’s Wednesday and that 20 minute drive it normally takes to get to work has now turned into an hour because it’s snowing. Traffic is backed up and you’ve been sitting in the same spot for well over 15 minutes now.

Silence fills the car as you embark on your routine of meditation. And the only noise you hear seems to be over powering your thoughts, those darn windshield wipers! They keep moving back and forth across the window clearing the path to see what lies ahead of you.

At that very moment you realize, this Wednesday drive is symbolic to the anxiety that you’ve been having lately about finding “True Love.

All the questions that have been flooding your mind start to resurface.

How long do I wait for it? Will it ever come? What does it feel like? How do I know if I haven’t walked right past it because I was too busy focusing on my career or following my dreams instead of giving it a try?

You’re probably not the only one experiencing this.

In fact I’ve experienced this same anxiety so you’re definitely not alone.

Being single in your mid 30s causes you start questioning yourself, your ideals, your standards, and your status in life.


You start to doubt if you’ll ever find true love or will it pass you by because you simply will not compromise for anything less than what you feel and know that you want.

Finding “True Love” has no time limit. There is no expiration date. It’s not written in stone or codified in some law saying that you must find love by a certain age.

Like that Wednesday drive, “True Love” doesn’t always happen in the time that you designated for it. So whether it takes a year or eternity, don’t rush it. Be patient. And allow it to happen on its own. Sometimes sitting idle is exactly what you needed. Allowing you the opportunity to reflect on what it is that you truly want and what true love means to you. Like those windshield wipers are clearing a path for you to see, those storms in your life and those periods of being single are doing the exact same thing.

Have patience!

I know I know, it seems like life is passing you by, people around you are experiencing happiness, and you’re approaching those mid 30’s wondering when it will happen for you. HAVE PATIENCE! I have to tell myself this all the time.

Remember the twenty minutes that you designated for meditation? USE IT, trust me it helps. It allows you to become conscious of your thoughts, provides the ability to re-focus and clear your mind of debris. So when you think that you’re going to take that first exit to avoid the traffic and give up on finding “True Love”, your conscious will kick in and tell you don’t move, sit still and be patient.

“True Love” will find you!

Shanti Ray

Shanti Ray


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  • You're gorgeous! It will happen - just wait for spring to spring!

  • In reply to Jenna Karvunidis:


  • Thank you for the inspiration. Though I'm pass 30. Patience to wait for love is exactly what I decided to do at my age now. Knowing what real love feels like twice in a life time makes it very hard to settle for anything less. My self worth of a true love.

  • In reply to Maxx:

    Thanks for the love Maxx. I agree no settling...

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