10 Ways to Become a Rich Chick-Now!

10 Ways to Become a Rich Chick-Now!

By Dawniel Patterson Winningham

There are not many among us who don’t have dreams of being “rich” someday.

However one thing about the rich is that they make MORE money than they spend.

In order for us to start our journey to financial affluence we have to follow that same model. Don’t get me wrong ladies; I have not always been the best steward over my finances. There was a time when I was a mall junkie myself; a time when the purse I carried was worth FAR more than was in my bank account.

I was an officer of the Rainbow Bill Pay Coalition; my bills didn’t get paid until they turned a color!

This was never for lack of finances, but more often for lack of discipline around my finances.

But as Maya Angelou says, “when you know better, you do better”; being that I am on the road to recovery I thought I would share some tips with you too:

  1. Wait 24 hours for any purchases over $100 - Longer for larger purchases; this will prevent you from having buyer’s remorse.

  2. Let your budget be your guide - EVERY person serious about their finances has a budget AND a spending log. Start with budgeting and follow up with your spending log to make sure your CHECK doesn’t run out before your MONTH does.

  3. Pay all of your bills on time - If you don’t have enough money then MAKE MORE and SPEND LESS.

  4. Be comfortable living within your means -Who are you competing with anyway?

  5. Don’t buy a new outfit for every event - Maybe wear something you already have and buy new accessories, save new clothes for special occasions.

  6. SAVE is the new SPEND - Work to have at least 3 months’ worth of bill money in the bank, sacrifice until you do.

  7. Make shopping a reward - Shopping is not a DAILY habit or what we do to pass the time

  8. Bring your girls – Yes, share this article with your girlfriends and encourage real dialogue about calling off the fashion competition among each other.

  9. When you buy, buy STOCK. Don’t buy True Religion Jeans, instead price True Religion Stock.

  10. Realize YOUR value – YOUR value can not be bought at any store and does not equate to what you have on or how much your shoes cost. I promise the world with think MORE highly of you when your finances are not in the red because you have spent your money on a pair of red bottoms!

Start NOW. Don’t spend another dime on extras until you have $1000 in the bank. Value your money because you have spent your time, energy, and effort to earn it. Some of us spend the price of a luxury vacation on coffee. Be SMART about your money and your finances will truly be good to you!

Dawniel Winningham

Dawniel Patterson Winningham is a Fortune 100 Executive, Master Coach, Best Selling Author, and award-winning speaker.  Dawniel and other business owners are gearing up for Tory Johnson's Spark and Hustle tour.

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