When Jealousy Lives Within

When Jealousy Lives Within
Shoya Bowman

By Shoya Bowman

It saddens me when people can’t be happy for other people.  I hear this time and time again from those who have experienced others not being happy about their accomplishments.

I’m not referring to that surface happiness, but the deep-seeded happiness that exudes naturally to the surface and not forced.

We all know that friends or so-called friends can become jealous of you for various reasons, whether it’s a promotion in your career field or relationship, whether you purchased a bigger home or more luxurious car, whether you’re able to take frequent vacations to the most glamorous and romantic places in the world and they aren’t able to.

Whatever excitement that you’re experiencing that’s adding an extra smile on your face as you float effortlessly through your day, in most cases you’re being challenged by those that envy you.  I hope this comes at no surprise because you do realize that there are those that are routing for your failure?  It’s a sad reality that has bit so many of us in the ass. It’s a sad reality that I too have faced.

Today I ask, what if that green-eyed monster is amongst our own families?  Whoa…that hurt can hit you like a ton of bricks.  Sometimes you don’t expect it but other times you weren’t surprised because they’ve exhibited this type of jealousy in the past, perhaps as you all were growing up in the same household.  How do you handle this situation?  You can’t possibly disown them or can you?

My advice is the same advice that I too was given:  You keep pressing forward.  You do what it is that’s bringing you joy in your life and don’t worry about who doesn’t agree with it.  It’s not your fault that they haven’t found happiness.

You distance yourself from them and only share things with them on a need to know basis especially if you’re expecting a specific reaction and you’re certain you won’t get it.  Share with those that you know are genuinely happy for you because the last thing you need is for others to upset you during what should be the happiest moments in your life.

I’m telling you the same way I constantly reassure myself.

Don’t stop dreaming. Don’t stop pursuing.  Don’t stop loving.  These are the actions that got you where you are today.

Keep Rising.


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