Six Chicks Chat...Tonight Live

Six Chicks Chat...Tonight Live

By Yanni Brown


As some of you may know the Six Brown Chicks, a group of women bloggers appeared on Iyanla Vanzant: "Fix My Life".  Things got ugly pretty quick and before we knew it friendships collapsed in front of the whole world to see. We left many wondering what happened? If we healed? Are we blogging again? Are we friends? So many wondered what happened when the cameras wrapped.

Well tonight we invite you to join us for a Six Chick Chat on twitter at 8pm CST where we will answer some of those questions and more LIVE.

Click on the link  SixChicksChat  and join the Six Brown Chicks tonight.


  • Protect Your Sisterhood~ Zondra Hughes
  • We Can't Forget Our Purpose ~ Yanni Brown
  • It Takes Understanding~ Gina B
  • Be Accountable ~A Comeaux
  • Don't Take More Than You Are Willing to Give ~ Shoya Bowman
  • Fight Through the Pain ~ Dr. Dawj


The Six Brown Chicks on Repairing Friendships and Pushing Through the Pain

Please check out the full Essence article by Charli Penn here.. 




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  • I just had an opportunity to watch the episode of Iyanla Vanzant's "Fix My Life" where you all allowed yourself to be transparent regarding failed relationship/friendships, etc...and OMG...I haven't cried that hard in a long time. I saw myself in so many of you. I have been hurt in friendships in the past and therefore, find it difficult to trust. When a friendship seems to be developing, I always find a way to pull back or sabotage it so that I won't get hurt in the end. I remember putting my trust in friends...and they let me down. This episode made me want to reach out and repair some of those broke relationships. Thank you so much for your transparency and being receptive to change and healing. Women all over the world need to see that.

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