Destination Weddings Are All The Rave

Destination Weddings Are All The Rave

By Shoya Bowman

Are you a future bride that has the “disease to please?”  Are you struggling with which type of wedding you should have?  Are you pulled in various directions from your future husband, friends and/or family?

Well I’ve come to the conclusion that destination weddings are all the rave and I’m so excited that I decided to venture down this route.

I’ve surveyed some of my friends on Social Media and most of them prefer a destination wedding over the traditional church wedding and I couldn’t agree more.  My guess is that age and simplicity outweigh the stress of a formal wedding with a sit-down reception to follow while struggling to maintain the demands of satisfying family and friends.

I’ve been planning my Florida beach wedding with the help of a travel agent and wedding planner for the past four months and I have to admit my stress level couldn’t be more at ease.  There is only one downside to having a destination wedding and that’s the reality that not all of your family and friends will be able to make the trip for various reasons, typically financial.

Not to despair, this is when social media will have to come into play to keep everyone connected.

Our plan is to grab our cell phones, photographer and videographer and begin our journey.

Sunrise or sunset weddings make the best choices for those romantics at heart, topped with rose pedals, tiki torches and tropical flowers will only exacerbate the beauty as the lovely couple sinks their feet in the white sand while becoming one under a bamboo arch.   A must added touch is Caribbean music playing in the distance.

Your guests can take advantage of combining your wedding with a much needed vacation of their own.  Don’t be surprised if they have activities such as snorkeling, para-sailing and booze cruises scheduled in addition to the wedding festivities.  It should be an enjoyable time for everyone.

My suggestion is that a destination is the perfect choice to eliminate the stress during this time.

Remember your wedding is about you and my advice is to follow your heart.

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