Build your legacy of love and success!

 Build your legacy of love and success!

By Shoya Bowman

I recently heard one of the most profound statements ever while watching  Oprah Winfrey interview LL Cool J on the Oprah Winfrey Network.  He said, “Dreams don’t have deadlines.”

That statement resonated with me and I’m a firm believer of its truth.

It’s Black History Month and while we reflect on individuals that have paved the way for us to walk in their footsteps we feel a sense of pride and reassurance that we, too, can become who we are destined to be.

With that said, have you done the work that’s involved in building your own legacy?

I hope so because I know I sure am.  I continue to build daily as I work feverishly to continue to live out my dreams as well as reach forward towards those not yet fulfilled.

For me, I can sit one-on-one with someone or in a room full of strangers, tell my story in a way that is honest, raw, engaging and non-boastful and have the folks in the room in awe of me and yearning for more before I finish my conversation.  How do I know?  Because it’s happened to me time and time again when I discuss the succession of events that have occurred in my life, which led to my successes thus far.

Do I have a ways to go?  Yes and I won’t stop until each and every one of them have been achieved.

I don’t keep my success a secret because it’s real; it defines me.

I know with my success I encourage others that their dreams can come true as well.  I started out last year with a product (a stage play) that was near and dear to my heart but I was nervous about putting it out to the public.

I was nervous that I couldn’t afford to produce my first stage play even though in my heart I knew it was destined for greatness.

I knew that the masses needed to witness this story.  They still do.  I knew because I had a living legend work with me intimately on the project that it would reach heights that I wouldn’t be prepared for.

It reached some heights, that is for sure, but it hasn’t reached its full potential yet.  It still has a ways to go but I will say that it has opened up doors for me with other projects that I’m currently working on.

I knew that tackling domestic violence is not an easy subject but it’s necessary because so many women, including myself, have experienced some form of domestic violence in their lifetime.

On the flip side of experiencing unhealthy relationships, I’m now in a healthy one and I will soon be heading down the aisle of holy matrimony.

The dream of having a very loving lifelong partner is within reach.

But, oh how I remember vividly when I had no idea with whom or on what date I would ever become a bride.  I knew I wanted it and I knew that others told me that God would send someone when the time was right.

I kept the faith, though sometimes, I lost faith in the process.

I’m building on my legacy and this is one more beautiful piece of my history.

I will continue to share my story with others in the spirit of sharing with each of you that your hope and dreams do come true.

I encourage you to follow your dreams and in the process continue to build a legacy that you can be proud of. (To learn more about my legacy visit

Stay Focused!


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