Keep Pandora’s Box Shut! Six Brown Chicks

 Keep Pandora’s Box Shut! Six Brown Chicks
A scene from the movie Pandora's Box from Sony

By Shoya Bowman

We’ve all heard of Pandora’s box.  Haven’t we?

Well…my guy often hears stories from family and friends of how I used to be in my past.  He’s heard stories on the surface of how I was this partying, drinking, fun and free-spirited person.  He frequently asks me if he can meet that person and I’m resistant.  Not because I don’t want him to have some down and dirty fun with that girl I once was but because I fear opening Pandora’s box.

Let’s just say I lived life on the edge.

There was always a new twist and turn to my life while I was on the dating scene.  If I wasn’t in the streets, I made sure that the same fun I had outside I had inside.  I brought the parties home.  It was clean, decent fun but there was never a shortage of stories to tell after the weekend ended.  There were themed parties toga, pajama, sorority, pool parties.  I had it all.  I did it all. I eventually removed the pool from my house not just because of the hard work involved in caring for the pool but to avoid having parties when I was ready for a change.

Change comes and rightfully so with maturity.  I like the person that I’ve become but I hold the memories of the girl I used to be for conversations over Hors d'oeuvres and holiday gatherings.

The problem with opening Pandora’s Box is that it may not be as simple to close it.

The streets were fun, addictive and exhilarating.  Meeting new people and making new moves was a blast but now my moves are different and the parties are more on the networking social level.  Business meetings, small gatherings with friends and family are my “new” fun. The clubs are now swanky bars in the downtown area sitting on plush leather chairs while sipping cosmopolitans.  My life is new, renewed and is celebrated with memories.

Don’t get me wrong, my guy loves me for who I am but one can’t help wanting to experience their mate in a different way.  Guess that’s when role playing comes into play.

Yes, we do this too.

Beware of opening Pandora’s box…you may not want to close it.  Take my advice and think twice before you share the memories, videos or photos of the past.

OR better yet, just let the past stay in the past.

Your chick,



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  • Too late. It was opened millenniums ago.

  • Shoya, I heard that. Don't let that demon out the box. lol but on the real. My mother taught me as I was becoming an adult this: THE PAST IS THE PAST - never look back. To move forward you have to be looking in that direction. Learn from the past. Set goals. Life is so short, so live in the moment. tommorrow not promised to anyone. Love MOM

  • In reply to candy:

    Thanks so much for reading and responding. I will do just that. The past is far behind me. :)

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