10 Signs that You're a Control Freak-Six Brown Chicks

10 Signs that You're a Control Freak-Six Brown Chicks
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Hi, my name is Zondra, and I'm a recovering micro-manager.

Most micro-managers do not know how bad they are behaving, or that their need to control everything does not empower others to do their best work.

For example, my goal with the Six Brown Chicks is to produce an authentic, engaging blog—as a working journalist, I want this blog to have minimal typos.

To that end, I’ve required the other bloggers to submit their blogs to me and I’d edit and post them over the weekend.  Since I posted the blogs, the password was mine to keep.

What I did not know was that this act of requiring the Chicks to submit their blogs to me created an air of distrust.

I was micromanaging the bloggers by not allowing them to post their blogs directly; I was disrespecting them because these bloggers are also published authors. (The nerve I had!)

On our episode of Iyanla, Fix My Life, Gina told me that I was sneaky because I did not share the password and because I removed the blogs after Shoya and Kay abruptly left the group. What I considered best practices for the blog was also me just being a control freak.

Recently, the issue of me not sharing the password surfaced again and I had to ask myself, what is more important? That we reestablish the trust between us, or that we have a typo-free blog? Trust trumps typos of course.

To that end, I am excited to report that I have turned over the keys to the castle and each member of the Six Brown Chicks will edit and post her own blog beginning on Monday.

Here is the blog schedule:

Monday – Dr. Dawj
Tuesday –  Yanni
Wednesday – Kayann
Thursday – Shoya
Friday – Gina
Saturday – Zondra
Sunday-Six Brown Chicks correspondent bloggers

What is interesting about control freak behavior is that, in many cases, you may not be aware that you're doing it. Here are the 10 telltale signs that you may be a micro-manager, according to Leadership Thoughts.

  1. Resist delegating work

  2. Immerse themselves in the work assigned to others

  3. Look at the detail instead of the big picture

  4. Discourage others from making decisions

  5. Get involved in the work of others without consulting them

  6. Monitor what’s least important and expect regular reports on miscellany

  7. Push aside the experience and knowledge of colleagues

  8. Loose loyalty and commitment

  9. Focus on the wrong priorities

  10. Have a demotivated team


So, if you're a control freak, just lighten up will you? Learn to trust your people, and good luck!

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