FairyTales Do Come True: See Shoya's Proposal!

 FairyTales Do Come True: See Shoya's Proposal!

By Shoya Bowman

In this day and age where the world appears to be in shambles, the fact that people are faced with the aftermath of natural disasters, dealing with the realities of divorce, foreclosure, unemployment, deceit and despair makes me feel a tinge bit of guilt.  Guilt due to my compassion for others, in the midst of all that is going on horribly wrong with others, it seems as if everything is going absolutely perfect for me.  I’m not boasting because I’ve paid my dues and truly deserve all that God is seeing fit for me.

“This is your season,” is what I frequently hear from others.  I believe this to be true because everyone has a season.

Don’t wake me…

I prefer not to be wakened by the slightest bump or noise because this is one dream that I plan to enjoy to the end.  You all know how it feels when you’re in a deep sleep and you’re having the best dream ever and someone disturbs it….the nerve of them.  At this very time in my life I’m living out my dreams so don’t wake me. J

The Proposal…

I had only dreamt of how I would be proposed to. I often wondered, would I be whisked away to the top of the empire state building or would the question appear on the Jumbotron at a stadium while enjoying a sports game?  I hadn’t a clue I just envisioned it to be romantic and boy did that come true.  Unbeknownst to me, my now fiancée proposed to me on bended knee, and slipped the most beautiful ring on my finger as he asked for my hand in marriage in front of a packed house after a very successful stage play that I had written.  The crowd went wild once they realized that the proposal was real and not an extension of the play, that’s how well orchestrated it, was…folks literally thought it was scripted.  I was in total amazement.  How could he have pulled this surprise off?  I thought I was made abreast of everything and rarely let anything get past me.  This time I was left out of the loop on purpose.  The surprise was exhilarating to say the least.

Fairytales do come true…

I believed in fairytales as a child but never imagined that my dream of finding a real life Prince Charming would come true.  Trust me I’ve met my share of guys that didn’t have my best interest at heart and when I say that my future husband is a rare breed, I mean it.  I often hear women ask the question, is chivalry dead?  I’m here to say that it is alive and well.  My guy treats women with the utmost respect.  He learned this trait from being a product of a single mother so not only does he treats me with respect he is consistently respectful of all women.  Opening the door, pulling a chair out, helping remove her coat on a date and any other gentleman-like trait comes second nature for him.  His unconditional love and support of my dreams is what captured my heart.

So I stress to you my sisters that yearn for a Prince Charming in your lives to stay positive and prayerful because fairy tale endings do come true.

Your chick,


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