Balancing Acts

Balancing Acts

By Shoya Bowman

Sometimes I feel like a clown in a three-ring circus, juggling methodically through life between my career, family, friends and my romantic relationship. I’ve chosen to go into a field, The Entertainment Industry, which calls for a very social schedule.  I’ve completed school, my child is grown but still seeks advice and guidance and I’m in a relationship that has its own set of demands all while achieving my personal dreams and aspirations out of life.

I’m frequently asked, “How do you maintain balance?” and my answer is always the same, “through prayer and a solid support system.”

Currently, my career consists of being a playwright, author, producer and blogger.  I’ve waited my entire life to see my dreams come to fruition and I’m extremely excited yet humble that the time is NOW! Living in the presence of your dreams unfolding before your eyes is somewhat surreal.  Life takes on new meaning, new relationships are developed, new outlets are opened and higher demands are expected of you all while maintaining current relationships and creating balance and for me withstanding the added pressure of living life in the public eye.

In an effort to make sure that all demands are met, I usually split my time evenly across the board and in doing so I’ve learned to master the ability to multi-task.  I’m often teased for having my laptop in one hand, phone in the other as well as any other communication device only an arms length away.

I usually begin my day by writing, which occurs in the wee hours of the morning prior to distractions such as my phone ringing, text or email alerts and the sound of the television blaring in the distance.  I’ve also incorporated meditation in my regime.   Learning how to meditate is a piece of advice given by Iyanla Vanzant, after appearing on the “Iyanla: Fix My Life” show.  During this experience I was taught that everyone should learn to meditate by breathing from one’s diaphragm and listening for your own heart beat.  This technique I find to be very relaxing however, the most difficult part is setting aside which literally only takes fifteen minutes.  Shame on me.

Life tends to come towards us at full speed, which doesn’t allow us a lot of personal time or “me” time.  It’s important to create your own space and to become one with self before facing others in the world.  Relaxation is something that I had to train my body to do therefore in order to achieve this I usually relax with a manicure and pedicure because I truly enjoy the massage portion of these services.  Aside from my alone time I spend as much time with my guy as possible between our work schedules.

We enjoy our date nights out on the town and our quick get-a-ways, there’s excitement in waking up in your mate’s arms in a different environment.  Although, these romantic interludes are great, I’ve found the best times are those not orchestrated.  Sometimes the mere fact that you all are in the same room or riding in the car bobbing your heads to the melodies while having nice conversation is priceless. Sharing the same place is sometimes all that it takes.  It’s the simple things that bring the most happiness while juggling this balancing act called life.

Live each day as if it were your last…make it a blast!



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