After Iyanla: Face-to-Face with Reality!

After Iyanla: Face-to-Face with Reality!

By Shoya Bowman

In late June, I felt an overwhelming feeling of emotions as I rode down the interstate headed into the unknown to do a taping for the television show, Iyanla, “Fix My Life” with a group of women that I had once worked with.

In April, I made the decision to step down from the group known as, “Six Brown Chicks for various reasons.  After my experience on the show I’m excited to announce my return to the group.

During this ride, I knew that my mind was open to healing and sharing so as I got closer to my destination to meet with the “chicks” and Iyanla, I asked God to equip me with the necessary emotional tools needed for this undertaking.   I knew I wasn’t perfect and had played a role in the demise of the group.  I felt that if I can offer advice to others then certainly I could heed some advice myself.

The magnitude of this experience is difficult to put into words.  To become humble, vulnerable and obedient to another woman is an extremely perplex task but I was determined so I sat my “little ego” at the door and took my lashing.  A lashing was exactly what it felt like during this intense process of getting to the root of the matter.

I admire and respect Iyanla so if anyone were to give me a lashing I was content with it being her.

She reaffirmed that situations that occurred in your past trigger your emotional responses in your adult life, such as violence, abandonment, love or lack thereof.

I learned that I’m not just my sister’s keeper, I am my sister. I now know how important it is for you to discover who you are and stay true to yourself, your purpose, your mission and above all know your worth.

I’m grateful to have gone through this once-in-a -ifetime experience and I’m determined not to focus on the raw realities of the show but to focus on the blessings that shall follow.  Our willingness to share with the world our shortcomings will be a blessing to others and with that I find solace.

I look forward to a reawakening, re-purpose and restructuring with the Six Brown Chicks as we continue to share our inspirational stories with the world as we learn about ourselves through this medium.

And with that said, we’re bbbbbaaaaccccckkkkk!

Your Brown Chick,



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  • You are a brave woman, Shoya! I know that it took a lot of prayer and strength to face the "lashing" in such a public forum. One thing that I have learned is it doesn't matter how good you look on the outside-when you look in the mirror it is not always pretty. Keep pressing forward!

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