Homeless--But Not Hopeless

Homeless--But Not Hopeless

By Dawgelene (Dr. Dawj) Sangster


To see me and talk to me, one would never really know that I was once homeless. But what does homeless look like? What does homeless sound like? We often can't tell the stripes and scars that individuals have across their backs.  One never really knows who is standing in front of them.  

You can never tell the plight of another unless they share their story.  

I recently revealed to my children about a time when I was homeless. They were shocked, to say the least! They couldn't believe that their mom was ever homeless, or that there was a time I didn't know where I was going to lay my head or get a decent meal. I don't talk about it much, but it was a very challenging and painful time in my life.

It was a period of time where my life was broken into many pieces, and I was trying to put the puzzle back together on my own. I am reminded of the lyrics in a song, "nowhere to run; nowhere to hide," when I reflect on that deeply buried memory, because I was running from domestic violence, in a place away from my close family and friends, living from minute to minute, not knowing where to turn. While I had every hope of a better future for myself and my one child at the time.  My situation at that time did not seem as if it would have a happy ending.

I can remember asking myself one day as I bounced from place to place, "Will my life end without purpose?" However, what I didn't realize was that my life was in a rebirthing phase and I was transitioning from what seemed like hopelessness, to a life of faith and freedom; freedom in the mind and heart first. It was a process of mental healing first, and believing that I could overcome those obstacles regardless of whether my chances seemed slim-to-none in the eyes of others.

As I recapped some of that painful history with my children, I could see in their eyes how proud they were to be my children. They didn't seem to pity that recap of my past life, but they did say that it helped them to understand even more why I value life; my life, and the gift of abundance that God has given me to share my voice with any and everyone that I can. Now that I am at a place where I know who I am and the anointing on my life, I make it a point to share that with others as I am led to do.  I made it a promise not  to turn my nose up at those less fortunate, because I was in that place at one point and am all too familiar.  
The wisdom here is to never forget the homeless person on the street or those less fortunate than you are. You really don't know their story as to why they are in that situation, so don't be quick to judge.

Additionally, when you see a well put together man or woman, in their fancy suit, flowing hair, banging stilettos and wonderful smelling cologne, consider what their past may have been like, and what it took for them to get to the place of peace and abundance they seem to be exhibiting. Remember this; you never know the healing scars people cover each day, so encourage them to live a life of purpose, on purpose.



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  • Wow Dawj. I would never have guessed this. Glad you have triumphed. Thanks for sharing this very personal story.

    Your fellow brown chick,

  • I just want to give you a huge hug, Dawj - thank you SO much for sharing your story!!

    The white chick out there doing her thing,


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