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A Widow's First New Years Eve

A Widow's First New Years Eve
Dawgelene “Dr Dawj” Sangster- The past 14 New Year eves and days have been spent with my late husband, James Sangster. While I knew many of those times he was working the streets as a Chicago Police officer, I would anticipate hearing his car pull in the driveway around 5A.M. on New Years Day, after... Read more »

Sex, Love, and Bad Weaves: Our Favorite Throwback Videos 1

Sex, Love, and Bad Weaves: Our Favorite Throwback Videos 1
Happy Tuesday! We’re digging through the WCIU vault and we’ve unearthed some of our favorite episodes. Join us as we venture back in time to the land of (gasp!) racy Six Brown Chicks discussions and terrible, terrible hair days. Enjoy! —Your Six Brown Chicks Ps: These are Zondra’s picks! Zondra: Are Pretty Men Lazy in... Read more »

The Six Brown Chicks Get A Makeover: From the Inside Out

Iyanla, Fix My Backstabbing Friends! episode featured the Six Brown Chicks. It was the second-highest rated episode of the series. Fix My Life airs on Saturdays 10/9pm Central, on OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network.
By Zondra Hughes Consider this: You want to spend more time with your new lover and you move him into your home.  Although you have not had the ‘where-is-this-going?’ conversation, the two of you function as a serious couple. Six months later, after a long day at work, you enter your home and catch your... Read more »

Candid Photos: Roundtable of Sisterhood

The Six Brown Chicks hosted a roundtable discussion at the elegant Sawtooth restaurant and lounge on Thursday, October 11th. Photos: Kristin Williams.

Tonight: Sisterhood Roundtable with The Six Brown Chicks

Meet us TONIGHT Sawtooth Restaurant and Lounge at 7pm! The event will feature a raw, truthful and stimulating conversation covering topics including: maintaining deteriorating friendships, overcoming overwhelming obstacles and navigating strained working relationships. Also, we will discuss topics that YOU have submitted Continue to share with us topics you wish to discuss at our Sisterhood... Read more »