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Ladies, Please LIE About Your Number of Sex Partners

Ladies, Please LIE About Your Number of Sex Partners
By Gina B. I’m normally an unwavering proponent of honesty.  To a fault.  But even I must admit that there are certain questions that, if answered honestly, will not produce good results.    Men, you know that if a woman asks you if she looks fat, the answer is “no.” Unequivocally. Even if she looks... Read more »

Shock: Why Women Reject Men for Sex

By A Comeaux Don’t we all just love the holidays? Great food, family time and catching up with friends… But things aren’t all grace and blessings after-dark! The raunchy dialogue is sure to ensue once the spiked eggnog is served and when I say spicy I’m not talking about the greens… A few male cousins and I had... Read more »

Number of Sex Partners -- Do You Fret About It, or Forget About It?

by Gina B.  Since it’s humpday, I’m just going to jump right in with a barrage of questions about sex.  Do you know how many sex partners you’ve had?   And if so, what do you think of your number?  Do you think you need more experience?  Or do you shudder when you think of the... Read more »