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I Am a Mother, By Nature

I Am a Mother, By Nature
Mother Nature By Celeste T. Parker It was Mother’s Day 2009.  Grandma had been gone since February of the previous year.  It felt like I’d lost my mom too.  That’s why we were there, at the Hilton, downtown.  I think Mom enjoyed the Broadway musical we’d gone to see.  The rhythms and colors of the... Read more »

Racial Profiling the International Lover

By Celeste T. Parker They say the best way to get over a man is to get under a new one.  They also say that in order to find him, you have to get lost—in new classes, hobbies…even in aisle four of Home Depot as you feign the need for help with screws and…ahem, wood. ... Read more »

Shopping for Love in all the Wrong Places

Designer Love By Celeste T. Parker The topic for this week is love. Like Chicago Public Schools (CPS), my heart is on strike and now closed. I push my pen forward knowing that this revolution may not be televised. It was present day summer 2013. I was more excited than a May prom queen turned... Read more »

Oh No She Didn't! 12 Summer Styles Men Hate

Adam’s Ribs: Summer Etiquette Tips By Celeste T. Parker Ahhh Summer.  In like a tortoise, out like a hare; I do believe we are finally free of freezing temps.  Buckingham Fountain, Blues and Gospel Music Festivals, Navy Pier Fireworks, Chosen Few House Picnic, Taste of Chicago, Movies in the Park, Ravinia, Venetian Night– summertime Chi... Read more »

Cheating and Man-Sharing: Would You Become The Other Woman?

By Celeste Parker Cheating: The T.O.W. Truck and A Heart Repaired There I was minding my own business, filling my gas tank before heading in to work. It was “Fun Friday,” a day of spelling tests and dressing down.  I therefore had on my “going to teach little boys” corduroy pants, not my “getting ready... Read more »