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6 Things Male Celebrities Told Me About Sex, Love and Money

1. On the GRIND:  "My work, my goal, my life, it's like a treadmill.  And there's no `stop' button on my treadmill.”  --Dwayne Johnson, highest grossing actor in Hollywood and philanthropist
By Zondra Hughes I’m grateful for my career choice as an editor/journalist because over the years, I’ve interviewed some dynamic people who have dropped nuggets of wisdom about love, sex and money that continue to shape my world today. Here are six of my favorite quotes culled from my interviews and conversations about life. Feel... Read more »

4th Annual Black and White Ball: Meet the Honorees!

Matt Sapaula
The vision of the 4th Annual Black & White Ball (BuzzZin OFF Awards) is to highlight positive community disruptors who inspire change. This year’s five honorees are: Pastor B. Herbert Martin, Sr. ~ Progressive Community Church Adam Jackson~ author of Speak It, Receive It, Achieve It Matt Sapaula ~ Money Smart Guy Zondra Hughes~ Six... Read more »