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Cleopatra Giveaway with 20th Century Fox

Cleopatra Giveaway with 20th Century Fox
 Cleopatra is celebrating 50 years at the Cannes Film Festival on May 21st, and we’ve partnered with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment to bring the celebration to you. The most creative Cleopatra makeovers will win the limited edition, 50th anniversary, 243-minute premiere version of film, meticulously restored and presented on Blu-Ray. Grab a makeup brush... Read more »

The Six Brown Chicks Get A Makeover: From the Inside Out

Iyanla, Fix My Backstabbing Friends! episode featured the Six Brown Chicks. It was the second-highest rated episode of the series. Fix My Life airs on Saturdays 10/9pm Central, on OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network.
By Zondra Hughes Consider this: You want to spend more time with your new lover and you move him into your home.  Although you have not had the ‘where-is-this-going?’ conversation, the two of you function as a serious couple. Six months later, after a long day at work, you enter your home and catch your... Read more »