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Noir A-Go Go: Sexy Black Dames & Pin-Up Girls

KC Washington's Noir-A-GoGo celebrates the Black Dame and Pin-Up. Washington is a giftbag sponsor for Explorgasm, the official Women's Health Event of National Orgasm Week-Us.
K.C. Washington launched Noir A-Go Go with the idea that something was missing within the American pinup girl genre, namely women of color. A Mellon Fellow and a novelist with a background in journalism and literary and historical fiction, K.C. has raised the curtain on a world of beautiful, empowered, stylish women (and a few... Read more »

Shocking Sex Survey Results: What Men Want

By the second date, men expect sex. Well, that’s according to the men who participated in this quick sex survey. The Six Brown Chicks are your regional hosts for the Explorgasm Women’s Health Initiative. Explorgasm, set in a Girls’ Night Out atmosphere, is the official women’s health event of National Orgasm Week, July 31-August 6th. The... Read more »