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7 Little Things to do for Your College-Bound Kid

By Nicole Harding How could it be? That little baby you were just reading Goodnight Moon to, is packing up and moving on to college and you are FREAKING OUT! Yes, there’s no other way to put it! It’s freak-out and meltdown time but it’s okay because you are not alone! Before you go too... Read more »

Parenting: When to Cut the Cord?

When is it Time to Let Go of Your Children? By Kym B. It took a long time for me to cut that cord I had roped around my daughter, who is now a junior in college.  Let her tell it, the knot is still wrapped around her, but little does she know I have... Read more »

Finding Yourself After Age 30

Finding Yourself After Age 30
Excerpt by Maxine Muwwakkil I’m growing for sure through this stage and experience of life, but I’m finding myself weak and strong all at the same time. I know God, but I don’t have Him in the right place.  I love and want Eddie so much, but Eddie is tearing me down. We’re staying in... Read more »