Travel Diary: Dreaming While Black

By A Comeaux

I attended the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival at Walt Disney World over the weekend, and sisters, let me explain the magic-and why it's so necessary for you to get you some of it!

Dreaming while Black:

If ever there was an experience of overwhelming euphoria, this weekend with Disney was the magic of my dreams. From the moment I boarded the Disney Magic Express, every Cast Member greeted and treated me like royalty.

With the week, month, and past few seasons that I’ve had, this was both exactly what I needed and the joyous fruit of my sacrifice.

When was the last time a butterfly gripped your finger? At the Flower & Garden Festival at Epcot, I was positioned just for this! In my life’s current and most monumental transition, there’s nothing I identify with more than the Monarch butterfly. With that butterfly’s touch, the thoughts of my angel baby nephew permeated my mind with a melancholy memory of possibilities.

I imagined what falling in love would be like, again.

To love, after loss, to be birthed anew after life’s transitions and trusting the adventure of it all. The best way to see this feeling is with Disney’s breathtaking experience ride Soarin’

I was rushed with excitement, uncertainty with anticipation of sights never before seen, now added to my love’s bucket list. There’s a muse in mind. A beautiful human with just enough pain, power and passion that I envision will accompany me to explore. Talk about being inundated with a world of possibilities, magic and opulence!

I feasted on the most delectable meals and deserts in the astonishing Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. I exchanged pleasantries with Cast Members from all over the world and was greeted by some of the most humble, energetic and kind Directors the wonderful world of Disney placed to make it all look effortless.

On the phone, on my balcony overlooking a lake leading to fantasies fulfilled, I blushed to my hearts content. Under quasars of a midnight sky that seemed to shine just for me, just to remind me it’s okay to feel the magic of dreaming. I slept on a bed of clouds with a soundtrack of my own.

I wrote two songs and a few poems shortly after the Animal Kingdom’s Safari excursion.

I watched giraffes on a leisurely stroll--and stop traffic.

I saw exotic creatures watch me as I watched them with a reciprocated curiosity that you’ll only find in nature, in truth, and in one’s destined habitat.

Every hurdle was met with victory, affirming I am aligned. Ashé

I am A Comeaux and I’m seizing the moment to dream, to love, to explore, again, and the first time ever…

Now, it’s your turn to travel and dream...and tell me all about it.

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