If You're African American, Birth of a Nation is Required Viewing--Here's Why

If You're African American, Birth of a Nation is Required Viewing--Here's Why
Birth of a Nation opens everywhere on Friday.

By Devin Miller

For those of you that believe supporting Nate Parker and Jean Celestin's film due to the sexual assault charges from 1999, would be outside of your character and against your personal beliefs; I respect your decision.

There will never be a time where I would tell someone not to make a stand for what they believe in.

HOWEVER, if you are one who has purchased countless R. Kelly albums, attended and viewed Billy Dee Williams films, bought Beats by Dre headphones, Tupac albums and many others with blemished pasts against women; I then advise you to reconsider your position as well; just for the film’s sake.

I understand how nearly impossible it is to judge a body of work without prejudice when there has been ad nauseum discussion about the Actor/Director/Filmmaker's personal choices throughout his life. I make no special allowances to Nate Parker and Jean Celestin personally as men. I too questioned my ability to remain objective with whether I should support the film.

In the end, I chose to see the film with the knowledge of the men who wrote it. I said to myself. THIS FILM HAD BETTER BE AMAZING.

Those who have decided to not view Birth of a Nation because of the content of slavery, I advise you to reconsider. This film, to it’s credit, is not a slave movie; it is a slave REBELLION movie.

Not similar in any way to Django, a fictitious, written from the mindset of a caucasian male. This is a true account of one of the rare occasions in documented history, where a group of slaves spearheaded and BOLDLY revolted against oppression; and were willing to die in the process. Birth of a Nation is an informative biopic, that taps into the beginning of revolutionary thought among our people in this country.

It is ironic to me that some of our people tune in daily on social media and the news and watch in horror as our people are being victimized, murdered, and depicted as monsters, but have pause when there is a possibility to see a glimpse of our history that highlights a desire for freedom that was so intense, that people were willing to await the consequences of eminent death.

This film also highlights the use of Christianity in order to pacify and fearmonger slaves to continue to accept their oppression. In this film Nat Turner is utilized to exclusively teach scripture from the Bible that will mentally encapsulate the slaves to believe that they must comply to their masters in accordance to GOD’s will.

So not only were slaves, beaten, raped, and subjected to inhumane conditions, they were also mentally disemboweled by their faith. There have always been rumblings in our community regarding these efforts, but the difference in this film is Nat Turner’s use of the same Bible, to motivate the revolt.

If any of you who are reading this right now, have ever felt lost for purpose, or felt as though your African American roots have been unearthed, you must see this film.

If at any point of your life, you have faced an insurmountable obstacle, and felt as though you had nothing left, but to submit to failure, this film is a must-see.

If you are tired of filmmakers who do not share your likeness, and transparency, creating works  from your perspective, you need to see this film.

For the artistic, the Pro-Black, the Christian, the Atheist, and those who are inspired by freedom of expression, please do not let the opportunity pass to view a full bodied work that will move you, like you have never been moved.

Birth of a Nation is a must-see.

The film opens everywhere on Friday.

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