Tyshawn Lee: Leave His Parents Alone and Find His Killers

Tyshawn Lee: Leave His Parents Alone and Find His Killers
Tyshawn Lee

By Devin Miller

I must admit that I have avoided the news recently. I live in Chicago and there is obviously a ridiculous amount of senseless violence here, and it takes a depressing hold on journalism.

Being a Chicago native is a gift and a curse.

It’s a gift because the city, the food, and the culture is beautiful. We are a proud people here, we root for the underdog (insert any sports team here), and we eat mad pizza.

Chicagoans abhor gun violence.  However, being an informed adult, it’s impossible to completely stay away from it. Depending on what side of the city you are from, you could have already become jaded by it.

Unless the unfortunate circumstance occurs and you are directly impacted, it’s rare that we emotionally bleed from these cases. Gun violence has now become routine. Every day, someone is murdered. Every day, someone loses a brother, son, sister, father, or mother to gun violence. These are facts that we as Chicagoans have grown accustomed.

The unsolved murder of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee is impossible to ignore.

I have tried.

Tyshawn Lee.

Tyshawn Lee.

I'm hoping if I say his name enough times I can bring him back. But this 9-year-old is not Lazarus, and I am not Jesus, so his family and our city will continue to grieve.

He was nine, but someone lured him into an alley, and purposely shot him to death (SEVEN TIMES). Someone’s baby, a son who probably would like my son, and who still watched cartoons and laughed when he heard silly words on television.

A kid who most likely still believed in the impossible--was gunned down for no justifiable reason.

I can't fathom what his mother and father are feeling right now, because I have never lost a child, but I know the fear of losing my child is maddening.

The reality is deeper than that. But for reasons I cannot understand, the media doesn't understand that. WE as a people don’t understand that. They've been working overtime to dig up every ugly or less-than-holy thing his mother has ever done and have put her integrity on trial. Let me be honest here: I DON’T CARE IF SHE’S GOT INTEGRITY. She. Lost. Her. Son.

She carried a child, fed and clothed, checked homework, and wiped away tears, for her child. The father did the same. But we care that his mother bought a car, and we care that she was in a rap video because a person can't have a past or need transportation.

I watched a radio interview on one of our local stations, where one of the hosts actually told Tyshawn’s grieving father, “I don’t believe you don’t know who killed your son.”

Is this okay to say to a GROWN man who lost his child?

Do we assume that people just have no sense whatsoever, and this man so firmly believes in not snitching that he knows exactly who murdered his son, and he’s calm enough, to sit down in a chair and act like he doesn’t know?

People, these are human people, with human souls and emotions. We find so much time to judge one another in order to somewhat deflect ourselves from the real problem: A YOUNG BOY ISN’T COMING BACK.

A young boy was executed; THIS IS WRONG, and SOMEONE SHOULD PAY FOR THIS. NOW.

Here are a few things I would rather hear and see: Police arrest the person who murdered this child; that killer receives his prison sentence, and a psychological profile. Not just, “Gang member X person,” no, I want all of it. Tell us why. Finally, I would also like an immediate course of action from elected officials, clergy, police, and the mayor on how we plan to quell this violence problem.

I pay taxes, I raise my children to believe in themselves, and I want them to grow up.


Devin Miller

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Follow Devin on Twitter @80sBaby_83

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