Dinner with David Alan Grier of NBC's The Carmichael Show

Dinner with David Alan Grier of NBC's The Carmichael Show
Dinner with David Alan Grier.

By Courtney Waldon

In Living Color. A Soldier's Story. Porgy & Bess. A food blog? What do these things have in common? Answer: Actor, comedian and just all around nice guy, David Alan Grier!

I had the pleasure of attending an intimate dinner with DAG (as he is also called) along with other well known bloggers and Who's Who in Chicago (shout out to Chat Daddy!).

Recently, DAG was in town to discuss his new venture "The Carmichael Show" on NBC. His leading lady is Loretta Devine; original DreamGirl and Gloria from Waiting to Exhale! He told us that there is a real friendship between him and Devine since they have known each other for over 30 years.

In the show, DAG's character, Joe Carmichael, and his wife have been married for 3o years, so their chemistry onscreen just works. One of the bloggers brought up a point of this show being called the new All in the Family (another old school show), he agreed. Joe Carmichael just like Archie Bunker, is a blue collar, hard working man that loves his job, his wife, and his family. I saw the pilot, and it is definitely a hit. Another reason to watch: Chicago native Lil Rel Howery plays Bobby; Jerrod Carmichael (Star and Executive Producer)'s larger than life brother.

We met at the Four Seasons on Michigan avenue, a gorgeous hotel where you can always catch a celebrity coming in or out. DAG showed up with out an entourage, just like a normal guy meeting his friends for dinner which I loved! He sat down, ordered a drink and immediately asked "What's up? Ask me anything!" Of course some questions were asked about In Living Color, which is a classic!

If you have never seen an episode, I highly recommend it; sketch comedy at its best! In Living Color helped to launch his career which spans 30 plus years, and has also launched many other famous actor's careers as well. All of which he keeps in touch with and came to support him during his time on Broadway as the character"Sportin' Life" in Porgy & Bess.

Back to dinner:

I listened to the other bloggers ask him about comedy, acting, etc but no one knew that DAG is a Food Blogger! I asked him to share with us a favorite recipe! He seemed to be pleasantly surprised that I brought this up and gave us his blog name: Chocolate Glutton (So look it up!). He also gave us one of his favorite dishes involving Kimchi! Follow his blog Chocolate Glutton and Instagram @DavidAlanGrier for more recipes as well. He's definitely a foodie!

Mr.Grier also engaged us in conversation in the current issues of today such as police brutality, and racism. He was really interested to hear our thoughts on it, and even expounded on his thoughts on the topic as well as how he hopes the world will become better for his young daughter. It was refreshing to hear him speak so candid about this subject, especially coming from a celebrity's point of view, sometimes it seems like subjects such as these may not even effect them, but the opposite is true. Our dinner was only planned for an hour, but he sat and chatted for far longer, and this was one main thing that stuck out with me. He thoroughly enjoyed the company.

If you have never seen In Living Color, A Soldier's Story, Boomerang, or Porgy & Bess, just give The Carmichael Show a chance simply because David Alan Grier is so talented and the show is so good. And clearly my new best friend... see picture below.

The series premiere of The Carmichael Show will air on NBC on Wednesday, August 26th at 8pm central time. If you can't wait it live, set your DVR!


Courtney Waldon is a professional makeup artist who resides in Chicago.

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