Chicago Magazine's Best of Chicago

Chicago magazine hosted the annual Best of Chicago event recently at City Winery.

This year’s event celebrated the city’s cultural and culinary stars, including the best newcomers in Chicago’s dining and bar scene. Best of Chicago showcases the people, places, and things that rank at the top with Chicago magazine readers and editors, as featured in the November 2014 and February, May, and August 2015 issues.

All of the top voted services in every possible categories (as featured in the August 2015 Chicago Magazine), were under one roof in amazing fashion. Just to give an idea of how cool this event was, I complimented at least 30 women on their shoes and 22 women on their hair.

Some of my highlights were meeting some stylists from the Huetiful Salon, who were voted the Best Salon for Black Hair! They were upbeat, social, and knowledgeable about healthy hair and FIERCE.

There were all types of food to choose from, but my very special favorite was none other than, Lou Malnatis. “Don’t nobody EVER say anything bad about Lou Malnati’s!”  EVER. I’ve been a fan of this Pizzeria since I was in diapers and when I walked up that beautiful spiral staircase at the City Winery across from the bar, low and behold, the love of my life. DEEP DISH PIZZA!

Another palate pleasing treat was the Award winning smoked salmon from Calumet fisheries. I’ve literally never had fish prepared with such perfection; moist and delightful!

I could go on and on about the food, and the fabulous people, but greatness can be expected from an event on a warm summer night, in Chicago, hosted by Chicago Magazine, there was no way to go wrong there!

“Chicago offers an abundance of things to do, see and experience,” said Tom Conradi, Publisher and General Manager of Chicago magazine. “Chicago magazine is delighted to host a celebration that pays tribute to the best the city has to offer.”

Follow Devin on Twitter @80sBaby_83

Follow Devin on Twitter @80sBaby_83

Chicago's own Devin Miller is a Freelance Writer, Event Coordinator, and Project Manager who has always used creative expression to promote joy and laughter in a world bogged down with serious people, and serious situations. She is a "dreamer and a planner," and truly believes that without both, you should stay asleep. Follow her on Facebook at, on Twitter at: @80sbaby_83 and her blog site at

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