Boycott Iyanla Really? Why?

Boycott Iyanla Really? Why?

Boycott Iyanla? Why?

By A Comeaux
If you know me, you know I love Twitter. If you don’t know me, but you read my work, you know Six Brown Chicks from OWN TVs “Iyanla Fix My Life.”

Thank you for tuning in, for sharing in our pain and now our triumph. That being said, I have an affection for the work Iyanla does. We do not text nor share beauty secrets, but there was a space in my life where she occupies a portion of my spirit.
I let her in, and she soothed an ache that had been long ignored. I’m grateful for her mission that she vehemently sets out to complete.

While on twitter browsing the latest Ferguson news, Beyonce’s leotard, an ice bucket challenge craze and what appeared to be talking dog (don’t judge my Time Line) I ran across a tweet, “Boycott Iyanla” with a hashtag I dare not give air to.

Now, some would say I have my cape on, as if to save one, of sorts. Not the case. Let’s be clear, Iyanla needs me not to save her or any resemblance of the kind. I did feel compelled to share my experience. How ‘it’ works and while her tactics aren’t textbook, neither is life!

There are things that work and there are things that don’t. Simple right? Just because you ‘don’t like’ someone doesn’t mean they deserve to die! Just because you don’t agree with how someone does something, doesn’t mean they should be fired! Here’s a tip: if you don’t like the way something is going, don’t do it! But don’t start a faux campaign to ‘make noise in hopes they (TV exes) take note’… Why?
Direct your “rage” to a place where it can be justified. Unless you’ve worked with her and she ruined your life to irrevocable damages, please take yourself several seats!

This sparked as the promo for Iyanla in Ferguson will soon air. She is accused of ‘using this as an opportunity to gain show ratings.’ Said by no less than a few disgruntled black tweeters. I won’t attribute this to being a crab in a barrel syndrome. US tearing US down. Nah, no need.

But what I find interesting is these same people are looking for far less socially accessible people to ‘say something’ like Jay Z! Iyanla does this work, for LIFE. She has lost a child. She has lost things most of us can only dream about. And today does the work to serve.

To provoke healing by way of love, communication and understanding. Accountability. There is a city in self-ruin. There is a city in such despair that schools, businesses and life as they all knew it, are closed, burned down and shaken to cores we couldn’t imagine. She has a duty to use her platform in both media and spirit, to offer to this city all and any help she can. As we all do! If this happened in your city, you’d be begging for a rope in these roaring waters.

Follow A Comeaux on Twitter @KCOSpoke

Follow A Comeaux on Twitter @KCOSpoke

Is BET there? Is NIKE there? Is LV or Chanel or Louboutin there? But when school started you took your coins and threw them freely with no requests for help where your people matter. Correlation? Giving back. Showing up. Doing something. The standard you’d hold Iyanla to, hold that same standard to companies and brands that THRIVE off the black dollar and care not of our bloodshed. Get it?

I’m A Comeaux and I support those that love, heal and give where it counts: our people.
A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective. Follow her on Twitter @KCOSpoke.

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