Life Itself: The documentary film about Roger Ebert


by Dawgelene "Dr Dawj" Sangster- For those that know Roger Ebert, they know that he was a kind, smart, loved by many and a well-connected man, who gave us movie reviews for years. Not only that, he was a networking connector who brought people together around the world, mostly with his “two thumbs up” critic reviews of movies. Those very same people loved Roger and his beautiful wife Chaz, and watched the journey with them as Roger suffered from and succumbed to thyroid and salivary gland cancer. It was an honor to be invited to meet with Chaz Ebert and director Steve James of the new film about Roger’s life called, Life Itself. The movie is based off of Roger Ebert’s Memoir and directed by Steve James (hoop dreams).

The red carpet event was at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and was well attended. In speaking with Chaz Ebert about the movie, she noted, “I could not stop sobbing the first time I saw the final product. It was painful to watch foremost because it was shown at Sundance and I was so new in the mourning process after the loss of Roger. I am proud of the beautiful movie that Steve James made. It was such an honor to have the same man who made hoop dreams 20 years ago, to come now and make this film and do such a beautiful job. Roger was such a good man and such a communicator, so to see this come to life on the screen and to know that we would share this with the world was beautiful”.


Check out the pictures and video clip, and be sure to watch this “Two Thumbs Up” documentary, Life Itself, about the amazing life of Roger Ebert.


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