Sex Was Too Good: I’ve Been Dicktmatized

Sex Was Too Good: I’ve Been Dicktmatized
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By A Comeaux

‘Tis the season of summer love, sexy flings, exotic adventures and all those sweet sweaty things. Long walks in parks after dark, slow drives on long highways--in no particular direction--and eating from your lover’s hands. Watching sunrise in last night’s dress and hoping for endless Saturday mornings in the arms of your adored. I’m a hopeless romantic and summer baby to my soul, in this season I truly come alive in love.  BUT this ain’t about that.

This is about GOOD SEX. The kind that makes you crazy.

Numerous studies of the human brain suggest that when we are in love, certain levels of our nervous system become unbalanced. They restore themselves after 12-18 months, but what we consider being ‘in love’ sends our brands into overdrive increasing anxiety, obsessive behavior and lower serotonin levels. Whew! Sounds nuts, right? This is also linked to acute traces of #D*ckTooBomb…! See, you’re not crazy! There IS a term for that!

When I first started dating again I swore I had a playbook national champions would appreciate.

I have an exit strategy, a move for the ‘win’ and play for the ‘friend-zone’; I mean just thinking about it, makes me blush.

But even giants fall and when I wobbled away from a recent lover who tapped into the inner workings of my soul with his male sword, ‘I knowed there’s a GAWD’… I was dicmatized.

It made me more pleasant and psychotic at the same damn time!

I forgave him for not calling back as fast all while swearing he was giving my goodies away to the blushing girl at my local grocery store.

The heck was she so happy about?

Yeah, I had it bad.

And before it subdued, our passion grew when the roles were clearly established: He knew he’d trump me once he got me naked, so him playing a good boy until then was just a stroke, the only stroke to my ego, this experience had to offer.

He was out use his sword to bring my castle to the floor in a million pieces and I’d beg to leave disembodied. Crazy, right?

If you should find yourself dicmatized, honey just enjoy it. It’ll fade.

You’ll regain your super power and order in the universe will be restored. Hopefully your credit isn’t ruined and you won’t end up pregnant before your sanity returns. You just have to ask yourself if it being so good makes everything else all bad, is it really worth it?

I say, Yes. There is NO substitute for the ‘golden peen’. It’s like a unicorn. Let it come and do what may.

I’m A Comeaux and I admit I’ve been dicktmatized and I’m totally okay with it.

A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective. Follow her on Twitter @KCOSpoke.

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