Men: They Don't Make Them Like They Used To!

By A Comeaux

With my birthday soon approaching, another year being single and baffled at the lies and disappointments filling sweet memories’ space, I began to reflect.

Where are the men of valor? The strong, courageous men who fought for freedoms and rights we live on today are likened to dinosaurs.

We read about them in history books. We see their pictures in frames and read captions that we can barely relate to now.

Seems like a lifetime ago when men valued their woman on a national level, a non-verbal understanding of respect and adoration. Where are they?

Today’s man seems as opportunistic as yesterday’s groupie. Suing women for child support? Alimony? Spousal support? I scratched my head and had to double-take the headlines of marriages and parental woes gone awry. Where is your backbone, ‘man’?

I was taught men are to protect and provide by any means.

My grandfather not only took care of all of his children; he also raised countless others and their offspring time and again. He was sure his household was secure in all needs and desires before outside affairs. He showed up for life. He was a man of great integrity, a man of his word and an esteemed pillar of his community.

Today’s men are as sensitive as women! I had a man tell me to my face that he wants to do as he pleases and only wants a woman to be glad he’s there.

No accountability of disrespect or inconsideration. And this man wasn’t the breadwinner. He was a seductive piece of meat who uses his tongue to keep his prey in a trance.

Today’s men find more pride in laying you down and not being there when you get up than building a family or establishing a legacy.

How can we, as women, change this curve in our culture? How can we help our men reclaim their rightful places where they belong? It’s hard. As a woman fighting for this movement, I understand the struggle. We’ve had so much weight on our shoulders, burdened by default, doing it all alone, that it’s hard to depend on a fleeting partner. We can’t follow you when you appear lost.

Follow A Comeaux on Twitter @KCOSpoke

Follow A Comeaux on Twitter @KCOSpoke

The best thing I can do is protect my heart and mind and to not be desensitized to the culture. Trying to maintain my love and hope for those men, to reappear.

I’m A Comeaux and I miss men who are real men. That is all.
A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective. Follow her on Twitter @KCOSpoke.

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