College Saved My Life

College Saved My Life
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By Kierrya Isaac

My life is nothing short of  a blessing; if it were not for my past I wouldn’t have an amazing future.

As a young adult I had been in and out of relationships with football players,  singers, and last but not least, bad boys, and all to just to fit in with who the popular girls were dating at the time.

In the process, I had lost so much, but I've also gained just as much in return.

I had confidence issues as a teenager. My problem was that I was too big and/or not small enough, or that I was too dark and/or not light enough.

Cliques-the secret society of popular girls--are a silent killer to TEENAGE society because of how cliques  judge each other without even knowing it.

As a teen, there were times when I would get depressed and be unsure of myself.

There were times when I didn’t want to go to school, or times when I didn’t think I was PRETTY enough. I had so much doubt that I couldn’t see who I truly was. I have spent so much time hiding and trying to figure out who I really was and there were days when I felt like giving up on myself.

I have been BULLIED, I have been talked about, I have been stabbed in the back. It took a while for a new start, a fresh start, but I finally found a fresh start when I got to college.  That's where I realized that you don’t have to be POPULAR to fit in.

Sometimes I tried so hard to fit into where God didn’t want me to be that I found myself off track.  I see it a lot in teens nowadays as well.

I’m not perfect, and yes I do make mistakes, yet my faith has helped me along the way as well.

Most of the people who talked about me, mentally abused me, are now facing a future without a college education, or they are in jail.

Those same people that put me down have motivated me to be a better person and to strive to be more than a statistic.

So I encourage you to stop trying to fit into where God didn’t want you to be in the first place.  Form your own crowd, in time, the fake people will show themselves. Their cliques don't rule you.

If you have to try so hard to fit in maybe that is not where you need to be.

Life is what you make it, as my father would say,“they will need you before you need them.”

Be patient.
Kierrya Isaac is a current senior at Rust College majoring in Mass Communications/ Print Journalism. The Starkville, MS, native is our summer intern.  Follow Kierrya on Twitter @KierryaI.

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