Are You Memorable? Create Your Legacy Now

Are You Memorable? Create Your Legacy Now

By Shameeka Hunt

Memorial Day is recognized as a Federal holiday that commemorates the men and women who died while serving in the military.  What an honor to be remembered for how you served your country and gave your life for others. 

So what is your memory that will be celebrated every year?  Birthdays are great but to be remembered years after your death is beyond surreal. 

Are YOU Memorable? Create Your Legacy Now

In order to create your legacy think about service.  What selfless acts are you doing in life that helps someone else?  Here are some ideas that each of us can do to make our lives, our cities, nation and world a better place.  You may be surprised by the huge impact of service;  and in most circumstances we will never know the true extent that our service has made. 

Greet everyone with a smile.  It may be the only smile someone gets on a bad day, and your smile could be a lifesaver – literally!  And it makes you feel better in return.

Donate unused or gently worn clothes and household items to your local church or non-profit organization.  Why let things in your house collect dust when someone else could desperately use it and is in need? Be a blessing to others.

Like to cook?  Donate packaged food, cooked food, or serve at a food bank to feed the hungry.  Staple foods can go a long way.  Visit Feeding America to read statistics about hunger for yourself.  It is shocking and unacceptable!

Serve in various capacities at organizations, church, community events, schools, and senior citizen communities.  You’ll not only have fun and network, but you will also be giving back at the same time.

Mentor child(ren) and/or adults in subjects or skills that you excel and enjoy.  Education and lifestyle skills are very important.

So let’s declare that will be memorable far beyond our physical life.  We can do it.

Follow Six Brown Chicks correspondent Shameeka @KeepMeTight

Follow Six Brown Chicks correspondent Shameeka @KeepMeTight

Shameeka Hunt, a Maryland resident,is the Creator and CEO of KeepMeTight. KeepMeTight is a company that is coined for its Hour Glas undergarment that can be worn all day and flattens abs, provides back support, and promotes better posture.Follow her on Twitter at @KeepMeTight.

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