Scandalous Love: Truth about Mary Jane and Olivia Pope

Scandalous Love: Truth about Mary Jane and Olivia Pope
Mary Jane

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Drama is Dressed to Kill and She Plays for Keeps

By Jean Usen

The heart, mind and spirit of a woman are her very essence. Drama creates a rift in that essence and allows anger, jealousy and hate to unseat us. These emotions compromise a woman’s steel and break her stride. But Drama doesn’t always creep to the back door. She comes by invitation only.

Oh, don’t be coy with me! You know exactly what I’m talking about. You dream about his smile, so wide it stretches from Cali to Calcutta.

His laugh is strong and river-run-dry deep. You find his dark, brown eyes irresistible because in them, you see him. And he sees you. He ponders every word from your lips, every carefully-parsed question and answers from his depth and honesty. Woman, you have his ear, no doubt about that. The thought of a man who finally sees you and hears you, melts you like butter. Is it love? Inevitably… until his wife, woman, girlfriend or boo-thang calls and you are forced to reconcile that you don’t yet have his heart.

Wake up, Mary Jane Paulson! You’ve hit the snooze button on your conscience for the very last time! When reality sets in, you’ll be back in the real world. This is not Scandal Miss Olivia and, pardoner moi, but, we aren’t all cheering for you and Grant. So… I’m saying, no to the designer wedding dress of your dreams and no to that other woman’s designer man. Drama doesn’t want a happy ending for you either. She wants to trample your pretty, pink paradise beneath spiky stilettos. She’ll take your joy and peace too, if you wager it.

Now, Drama may be dressed to the nines but make no mistake about it – what captives Drama sets her sights on, she imprisons. You love someone whose obligation has been whispered and caressed into the heart of someone else.

Wisdom says “above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life” (Psalm 4:23). And Wisdom is honest in fact, she never lies. Sometimes we treat Wisdom like that other woman. We don’t trust her to nurture Common Sense. There’s no bigger recipe for disaster than that.

Jean Usen is a Christian Writer, blogger and single mother of two. As CEO of ChronoSpark Communication, her mission is to empower entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and ministry-involved clients to communicate with conscience. Follow her on Twitter: @ChronoSparkPR.

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