Chicagoland -- Watch Tonight and Understand Why The Second City is First in My Heart

Chicagoland -- Watch Tonight and Understand Why The Second City is First in My Heart
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by Gina B.

Most of you know Six Brown Chicks because of our blogs and appearance on Iyanla Fix My Life on the OWN Network, but the interesting part of each of us is that we’re multi-faceted and have projects that we individually manage outside of our collective endeavor.  In my case, among other things, I’ve spent the better part of a year working on a television show which debuts this evening on CNN.

Executive produced by Robert Redford, and produced by Marc Levin and Mark Benjamin, Chicagoland is an 8-episode docu-series that provides a glimpse into all facets of our fair city.

Chicagoland is a hard-hitting display of the inner-workings of my hometown – a city that has been nicknamed Chiraq, and most recently our weather has rightfully earned us the moniker Chiberia.  When I travel to foreign cities and proudly state that I’m a Chicagoan, most people automatically ask about the severity of the crime before stating that they would never visit in the winter.  I understand those comments and impressions, but there’s so much more to know about Chicago.

This is where Chicagoland comes in.

This effort was a labor of love by the legendary Robert Redford, in collaboration with the incredible production team of Marc Levin and Mark Benjamin, the duo that comprise Brick City TV and Blowback Productions.   If you’re familiar with Brick City, their Peabody Award-winning docu-series that takes look at the city of Newark under Mayor Cory Booker, you will know that this talented pair is dedicated to highlighting the true essence of a situation, while treating the city with the grace that it deserves.

I can promise that after watching Chicagoland, you will understand the controversy surrounding our school system, gain insight to our crime debacle, get an intimate view of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and you will have a love affair with the tireless efforts of Liz Dozier, who is the prominently-featured Principal of one of the most notorious high schools in the city.  Aside from all of the negativity that splashes the headlines about Chicago, you will also see that we have an unmatched cultural depth and we will prove that Chicago is the birthplace of talented musicians, great leaders, legendary athletes, and that we’re a city full of welcoming people who believe in the concept of working hard and playing even harder.   You will understand the imperfections of Chicago, but you'll also realize why many of us will never leave.

My role was a tiny portion of this complex production, but I’m so proud and grateful to have been included as a Field Producer for a handful of entertainment segments.

Please do tune in tonight, Thursday, March 6th, for the debut episode on CNN at 9:00 CT, and set your DVRs for the series.

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