6 Things I Learned From R&B Diva Chrisette Michele

6 Things I Learned From R&B Diva Chrisette Michele
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By Jasmine Browley

While attending the first anniversary celebration of beauty/bridal blog NatrualHairBride.com, I was able to interview Grammy nominated singer Chrisette Michele, who was surprisingly warm and open about anything from her “naps” in her head to her learning to feel worthy of love again.

Here are 5 things I learned from my chat with Chrisette.

1. Don’t be afraid to try something new

When asked what prompted her bout with juicing and subsequent vegan diet, she said that initially she was afraid to try it.

“I was in the studio with Ruben Studdard and fellow musician Howard Lily, when he offered me some of this thick, green juice,” she said. “The only thing that’s usually offered in the studio is either weed or money, so I wasn’t into it.”

However, she tried a hand at juice fast for 30 days after setting aside her fears--and that turned into 60.

“I wanted to continue past the 60 days, but I didn’t feel right eating the things that I ate before the fast--so I made a change.”

2. Re-invent yourself

Chrisette kept her fans pleased with back-to-back hits and successful albums, she said her hair cut  truly left her feeling the most joyful.

“I don’t know what it is, but it’s just something about rocking your natural hair,” she said. “It’s just beautiful.”

She also said that her recent performance in Jamaica reaffirmed that her closely cropped textured look was the way to go.

“My performance in Jamaica was insane because all of my family is from there--so it was like a homecoming/a sea of all of these beautiful brown people with all of these different beautiful hair textures.”

3.  Let yourself know that you’re worthy of love

When speaking about her latest hit, A Couple of Forevers,  she said that she was inspired by the fact that she felt like love was available to her again.

“I wanted to open myself to love and let ‘me’ know that I am worthy of good love,” she said.

She also revealed that she has a beau that helped her realize that.

“Yeah he’s been around for awhile and I still like him, so that’s always a good sign,” she joked.

4. Support sisterhood

NaturalHairBride.com  founder Ro’Shunda Russell revealed that she prayed for Chrisette to join her at the blog’s first year anniversary celebration long before it came to fruition. She also stressed her gratitude, because she had doubts that the songstress would feel compelled to support.

Chrisette quickly replied, “I had to come because whenever I see another young sister doing something positive, I have to help.”

She also mentioned that she doesn’t agree with the backlash that the “side chick” characters from hit shows Scandal and Being Mary Jane have received due to their depiction of black women.

“I have such an issue with the phrase ‘good depiction of black women,’ because we all come in different flavors, shapes and do so many different things,” she said.

She also said that although it is difficult to choose a stance on the issue, it’s all entertainment.

“On the one hand, I’m just glad to see my sisters on primetime television,” she said. “But on the other hand, the shows are freakin’ awesome--it’s my dichotomy as an entertainer….”

5. Invest in yourself--think of yourself as a small business.

The “Better”  singer said that as a musician, she is a walking billboard for her worth.

“I always have thought of myself as a small business,” she said. “I spend hours in the morning daily in front of my computer doing research on how to better myself.” She says that she is humble enough to acknowledge that she needs bright minds to help her expand, just like Fortune 500 companies. “I think the hardest part of running a small business is to feel comfortable to ask others for advice and actually apply it,” she said.

6. Seek therapy when needed

The new reality tv star talked about her rapport with her fellow cast mates on the upcoming season of the hit TVOne show, R&B Divas:LA, and how she was able to refrain from slapping them.

“I actually like them,” she said. “But at first I was really afraid because I would be the one to slap one of them--so I told them, ‘if we are going to be doing this together, we need to seek therapy.”

She said that filming has gone really well, and the ladies are currently in Puerto Rico taping.

Check out Chrisette Michelle’s hit album  Better, in stores now!

Follow Jasmine on Twitter @JazBrow

Follow Jasmine on Twitter @JazBrow

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