The ExecuDiva's 5 Secrets of an A-List Event

By Zondra Hughes

You can plan a party for your friends and loved ones, but you should plan a corporate event for your business, explains Jocelyn K. Allen, Director, Regional Grassroots and Diversity Communications at General Motors.

A party is an enjoyable get together; a corporate event can be just as enjoyable, however it should be well-organized and structured to promote your brand and message to your strategically invited guests.

Behind the Scenes of an A-List Event by Zondra Hughes

While in Detroit for the opening of the North American International Auto Show (the largest auto show in the country), we shadowed Jocelyn as she organized the Design by Detroit 2 corporate event sponsored by General Motors and held at the Shinola watch factory.

Jocelyn K. Allen, the ExecuDiva, shares her strategies for hosting an A-list event.

Here are a few tips Jocelyn shared:

1. Have a purpose. “The world is looking at the amazing automotive design that is coming out of this city. So when we are doing a program here in Detroit, it’s very important to us that we bring the media here to shine a very positive light on our city and its people.”

2. Brand your event tastefully. Your event’s signage shouldn’t resemble Times Square. For the Design By Detroit event—GM vehicles were on display outside the venue; along with double-sided banners; a Design By Detroit 2 logo painted on the door to complement the company’s existing logo and a digital logo and car reel were visible on monitors inside the venue.

3. Crush the party crashers. “We’ve got the kind of crowd we want in the room to carry on the discussion about what GM is doing in the community, our amazing products and people,” Jocelyn says. However, the more exclusive the event, the more likely crashers will line up at your door!  “Sometimes, we’ll send someone an invite, and they’ll invite someone else, it happens all the time,” Jocelyn adds. “But [people] shouldn’t come to a party that they weren’t invited to.”  On that note, communicate with your security team about enforcing your guest list and inquire what steps they may take in order to keep your guests safe.

4. Walk in your guests’ shoes. Fine-tune the guest experience by conducting a walk thru that begins on the curb outside of the venue, and includes the guest sign-in; coat check area, DJ area, food stations, and bathrooms.

5. Socialize your party. Let the world know that your place is jumping by creating a powerful hashtag for your event and displaying a Twitter wall so that guests can read their Tweets publicly and in real-time.

Design By Detroit 2: The Event by Zondra Hughes

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