A Tour of Napa Valley Reveals Love Takes Time (and Wine)

By Zondra Hughes

Travel can renew a woman who is in transition in her personal or professional life,  via a short trip to the spa, or a mini-vacation to a faraway land.

Travel changes you, inspires you, and fortifies your soul; sometimes, travel can reveal what you are missing.

On a recent trip to San Francisco, and Napa Valley, (#GMLegendsTour), I confronted the one thing that was missing in my personal life--partnership.

Like many of you, I am never unplugged from my tech tools and/or from the demands of others.

The daily grind causes me to neglect my tender side, and life is too short to not experience the wonders of romance and the sweet vulnerability of meeting someone and falling in love.  Now I seek a future love interest who may also make an ideal business partner, thanks to a few gorgeous couples that I've encountered.

At the 1300 on Fillmore, in San Francisco, husband and wife team Monetta White and Chef David Lawrence  have bucked the odds and have built a gorgeous restaurant together when so many doubted they could do it.

Love struck again at the Auberge Du Soleil Resort and Spa in Napa Valley. My colleagues and I soaked in the gorgeous sun and brisk coastal air, and were entertained by a quaint Thursday afternoon wedding that took place on the deck below us.

The outdoor restaurant patrons fell silent as we all listened to the couple exchange their vows.

Moments later, I confronted love again.

At the Vision Cellars, a Black-owned vineyard located in Napa Valley, the owners, husband-and-wife team Mac McDonald and Lil, are celebrating more than 40 years of marriage.  The couple's winery is doing well, and their wines have been served in the White House, Mac McDonald boasts. Adds his wife Lil, "We have food, and wine, so we never have to go anywhere; we have everything we need."

Travel opens your eyes, your heart, and your mind to the possibilities that you may not have considered.

For me, this excursion revealed a mature kind of love, the kind of relationship that survives the drama and nonsense, and eventually settles into partnership that moves mountains.

All photos by Zondra Hughes.

Special thanks to Jocelyn K. Allen. Follow the conversation on Twitter @GM_Diversity, #GMLegendsTour.

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