Linda Yu, Zandra Zuno: Powerful Women Share Lessons to Lean In

By Toya Nicole

“How Women of Color Can Lean In” panel discussion presented by ColorComm Network, held on Sep. 25th at Golin Harris, brought women of color together for an enriching conversation that took the concept of “Lean In” a step further.

ABC 7 Chicago’s Linda Yu moderated the panel that featured a few of Chicago’s most influential women of color in media, communications and public relations: Zandra Zuno (Golin Harris), Maureen Jenkins (McDonald’s Corp.) and Cristina Benitez (Lazos Latinos & DePaul University).

 The panel openly shared their views on taking risks in your career, standing up for what you want, work/life balance, embracing your culture and how to define success. Afterwards the panel of experts continued to network personally with attendees to share more personal stories.

If you are ready to “Lean In” and take your career to the next level, here are 4 Career Tips for Success:

1.    Don’t just Lean In, Stand up! - "Take a chance and learn to push yourself forward." Linda Yu

2.    Be strategic when selecting a mentor - "Look for people who are doing what you want to do then develop relationship before asking them to be a mentor." Cristina Benitez

3.    Define success on your terms - "Measuring success against someone else isn't the way to do it, always measure against yourself." Zandra Zuno

4.    Be True to Yourself – “What would do if you weren't afraid? Do it! Follow your passions & interests.” – Maureen Jenkins

Check out ColorComm network for more information on membership in DC, NYC and Chicago. 

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Travel and lifestyle expert Toya Nicole is a branding strategist whose personal mission is to encourage ordinary women to walk into their extraordinary purpose. Connect with her on Twitter @MsTravelChic.

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