Was it something I said? Missed Communication Kills Friendship

Was it Something I Said?

By Lydia Katherine

Let's start at the beginning...

Hey girlfriend! Oooooh girlfriend we need to catch up! Let's get together around 7 o'clock and chat about that new guy who's got all of your time lately...

Scene: You and the bestie are chillin’ at RM Champagne Salon sipping Champagne Philipponnat, 2003 Brut and two bottles later, it's said: The hurtful mention from a long time ago that instead of being buried with the "it'll probably never come up again," file, was embedded in the back of your girlfriends mind in the, "if it ever comes up" file.

Yeah well, it's all on the table now, (next to the damn champagne which is the only thing "chillin" at the moment).

Tension, glares and stares all combined into a single expression on both of your faces.

She starts with, "well, five years ago..."

Pause. Really? Ya'll are about to have a dried up 5-year-old conversation?

Before it goes too far, allow me to let you both know this right here, this moment right here, is BOTH of your FAULTS.

Communication is vital. Thank you, please and let's continue...

"At that time I just felt..."

Pause. Did you hear that? "at that time...” So this feeling has festered for five years, why wasn't this thought through, mentioned and resolved ‘at that time?’


"I felt like you wouldn't understand..."


Why wouldn't your friend understand? Okay so onward goes this reverse ass discussion that is literally taking you all the way back to a slightly slimmer, yet well-defined Hugh Jackman, Wolverine film debut.

Irrelevant but at this moment a shirtless Hugh Jackman would be nice...

Back on track, ok so what have you gained? Not a damn thing except a hefty bill and 20% gratuity...

Hidden emotions can defeat the loyalty of your friendship. If you can't discuss All concerns, issues and situations that may come forth, your inner circle will be contaminated with deception, mis-perception and the conception of the "I’m just not going to go there right now," files. 

Then you'll probably never go there.

There's no time like the present. Save your friendship, not your words. Free your mind. Tell your friends exactly how you feel as soon as you feel "a certain kinda way"... (gosh I was trying to avoid that phrase...)

Anyway, the opportunity to build and strengthen the bond of your sisterhood should always be present.  So what if it really was, "something you said" friendships are mostly tormented by the things you don't say at the time or at all...

Lydia Katherine

 Lydia Katherine believes in living for the moment, loving every moment, laughing at past moments and building greater moments! Follow her on Twitter: @Lkaton10

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